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Virgin Coconut Oil?


Most people on this site know how good it is, from a health standpoint.Currently I eat 2 tablespoons of it a day in my morning shake, and obviously you can cook with it. But what else do ya'll use it in? PWO shake is apparently a no-go, and when I need to ad calories later on down the road, I'd like to add a few more tablespoons of this good stuff. Any suggestions on interesting ways to use VCO?


Its not bad on a salad.

Mixing it with fruit and yogurt is ok too.

Putting some on a tablespoon and just drinking it straight is for sure the easiest route though. Not my prefernce though.


Ohh wait, do you let yours melt?? The type I buy is unrefined and all, but it's solid.


It's a good replacement for butter on rice.


The organic/unrefined type always comes in solid form.


Its only solid once the seasoned changed. During the summer mine was liquid. Run the jar under hot water for a half minute, enough will melt to pour into a spoon.


Mash it together with hot sweet potatoes and a little cinnamon.



I second this...melted onto sweet potatoes or any potato really is amazing with salt/pepper.

I also like cooking my eggs in it, mixing it with protein powder to create a 'protein brownie.'

Since it is solid at room temp, I prefer to cook with it or melt it onto foods whereas when I'd rather use Macadamia nut oil to put in shakes/on salads/meats etc simply because it's liquid.


re: cooking w/ vco

I always fry my chicken breast in my iron skillet with a mix of coconut and olive oil; the olive oil adds moisture - coconut is a bit drying - and the coconut protects the olive from being burned (mmm, sat fat :P).


fry some bananas in it...mmmm


I have had a cheaper brand that is not Virgin Coc. oil. This was much better to cook with because it had to aroma or taste. I'm not sure about the health benefits compared to Virgin C. Oil.

One way I use it is when cooking ground beef. I drain the fat drippings and replace that fat with coconut oil.

I usually don't consume on a daily basis as the cost is quite high if consumed daily. I cook with it mainly.


Thanks guys. The sweet potatoes and banana ideas sounds great, and the melting it to just take a spoonful would probably be idea if I just need some extra calories.


I just tried putting it in cottage cheese. Since the cottage cheese was cold, it sort of just hardened the coconut oil and turned it into solid chips, lol.

I'm just gonna have to go with my initial belief that coconut oil is best used for frying eggs, meats etc...and I guess mixed in a shake from time to time. But, if I'm putting fats in my cottage cheese or greek yogurt, it's going to be natural nut butters just based upon taste.


Am I the only one that opens the cap when a jar of VCO comes in the mail and just takes a huge whiff? That shit is intoxicating!


No, I do it on a daily basis.


The only way i ever cook eggs now is in VCO, when im not dieting and have more fat in my diet I will put it in shakes with whey and oats




Anybody know why VCO is considered very inflammatory?



I'll preemptively say it gets a lot of undeserved negative press because it's high in saturated fats.


Citation? That doesn't seem right.