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VIP program 2?

What are the odds of coach davies putting out a second VIP program like the one he did last year? Provided enough people are interested.


It is something that Coach Davies and I have talked about doing, but haven’t made a concrete decision on it yet. If we see an abundance of interest in it, we may decide to revive it … but right now we’re working on so many other things. If anyone else is interested, please let us know.

That would be cool. I don’t know if it’ll happen, but coach did say that there would be a special online group for renegades on his web site soon. So maybe it’ll be something like that VIP thing he did.

Where is this program? I did a search and nothing seemed to come up. I have been reading t-mag for about two years now and don’t remember it. Thanks

I would be in on it!

Count me in too!