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Vioxx and Lifting

Does anyone know how Vioxx affects hypertrophy or strength gains? I know that one study showed non-steroidal anti-inflammatories to reduce muscular hypertrophy but not much beyond that. I know it has been taken off the market, but has anyone here used Vioxx on a somewhat regular basis (once every week or two), and if so, how were strength/hypetrophy gains affected?

When this latest in a long line of big pharma poisons finally kills you, you won’t be making any kind of gains.

Why would you want to use an NSAID that was taken off the market because of the heart attacks associated with it’s use??

It was associated with heart attacks with the very elderly and already infirmed, and only in those who used it daily or very close to it.

I used vioxx 5 days a week for an entire football season. Although my goals weren’t hypertrophy at the time, I didn’t notice any loss of strength. This probably doesn’t mean much, however, because I wasn’t trying to notice it and probably wouldn’t have attributed it to the vioxx if I did.

Vioxx was the most effective pain masker I ever used and no it does not significantly effect muscle gains.

Where are you guys getting your Vioxx? Or did you just have a big stash?

I just got a big stash right before it went off the market. It was the only thing I ever found that could make the pain tolerable during the season.

A friend of mine stocks every pill he and get his hands on like it will be taken off the market tommorow. Fortunately, one of these was Vioxx.