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Violent Variations-Be Violent!

Hi there,

My post is related to intensity techniques like supersets drops etc-like chris wrote in his VV article part3

Only a short question related to this:
Does anybody knows how many different intensity techniques for one group you are “allowed” to use at the same time as a drug free trainee?
i know everyone is individual as mommy told us this-but are there guidelines?

Second:For the SUPERSETS in form of pre/post exhaustion: I know the sense of the technique but not the EXACTLY amount of weight to use…am I also allowed to use straight sets here,or does every set needs to be to failure cause it should be intense?

Otherwise I thought of using the same weight of set 1 and 2 for the compund movement and the same weight of the related superset 1 and 2.

FEX:(rep zone:8-10)
Flys:40 poundsx9
rest 2 min

If I get the next workout benching in both sets 200x10 i will increase the weight for benching.
I f i?can fly the 40 pounds in both sets 10 times i will also increase the weight here.

Do i have it right?


come on guy-no suggestions?