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Vintage Strongman Footage?


anyone know of a good resource to get some older strongman videos? i wasnt really into it until recently, but a few of my searches online havent turned up anything. id really prefer not to just watch a few minutes of youtube clips if i can get a DVD's worth, or a box set even.

thanks in advnace,





thanks for the link but not exactly what i was looking for. you know how in the 2009 strongman events they were showing clips from different competitions from back in 1985? that kind of stuff, i want a copy of the 1985 worlds strongest man finals.




This is a touchy subject, because I dont endorse piracy at all. But let me just say that these products are overpriced and of an inferior quality. The picture quality is shit compared to what a friend recorded off of tv, the 3 dvds come stacked in a holder - I just ordered the raising the bar trilogy and it came in a dvd case with a separate clip for each disc; IMG, with more money than God, just stacks them. They are one of the most bare-bones, shoe-string, customer-UNfriendly companies I know. If you can, find someone who's recorded them, and get it from them. IMG sucks.


thanks for the info KBC - i got the 80s and 90s highlight DVDs from that website, it was 37 dollars shipped for both, which is about 17 hours of footage. unfortunately i dont know anyone with copies or else i would have asked to at least borrow them.

My only problem with the worldsstrongestman.com site is that the DVDs ship as region 2, europe. I know i can watch that one a computer but i dont know if i want to nestle up on my laptop to watch 17 hours of strongman, would rather watch it on the plasma. hopefully my DVD player plays multi region...


Do you have an HD tv? Buy an HDMI cable, they're liek $20 or less on overstock.com - also, i think mine plays on dvd, it's just B&W