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Vintage Strongest Man Contest

Today I saw an old “World’s Strongest Man Contest” on ESPN which had Franco Columbo and Lou Ferregno (SP?) competing. It was pretty cool seeing them compete against some of the strongmen.

During the “Fridge Race,” Columbo fell and it looked like he broke his leg. It didn’t look too good.

Any one else see this? I thought it was pretty cool.

I am pretty sure I saw it a few months ago. I think Bob young was also competing and two OLY lifters were one and two in the standings, did you see the tire throw, that was a great event.

I remember seeing when it first came out. It was kind of an offshoot of the old “Superstars” competition.
Bruce Wilhelm was impressive in the fridge race. While everyone else was struggling and shuffling, he was running with it like he had just looted a Sears store.
Ken Patera was a pro wrestler. I think they had a pro arm wrestler, quite a few track and field throwers, and some pro football players.

Thing that pissed me off was that the events were, moreso than normal, heavily geared toward those who had a throwing background.

yeah i saw it. funny thing, after franco’s leg snapped he’s laying on the stretcher and he says " i am a chiropractor so i know it isnt broke its just dislocated." im thinking christ dudes leg just snapped like a twig and hes sitting there talking about it like it was nothing. i did like to see 180lb franco squatting as much as the big guys though.