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Hello fellow T-maggers. I was hoping someone could give me some info on the nootropic called Vinpocetine. I’m a college student, and any help with mental focus can come in handy. Thanks.

I’ve used vinpocetine at 5 mg doses three times a day. It seems after a couple of weeks I have a tendence to slurrrrrmywords together as I’m coaching. I’ve tried this 3 or 4 times. I have had good results taking 5 mg 30 to 45 minutes before needed. This my just be a pacebo effect.

When I say slur it like I’m trying to talk faster than I can.

My wife and I tried it because we got a free three-month supply from a place where I buy one other herbal supplement. I didn’t feel a thing from it even at the supposedly efficacious dose, and my wife got nothing either except an upset stomach. Further, the various research I did prior to our usage indicates that the majority of people don’t really feel much in the way of beneficial effects (I’ve seen anecdotal evidence of mildly allergic reactions, though, including skin rashes).

I don’t mean to push a biotest product here, but I’ve had better results using Power Drive than vinpocetin. I’m a college student also, and I didn’t feel vinpocetin do anything for me. When I’m on power drive, I can actually sit through those two hour lectures without fantasizing how soft and silky Britney Spears’ hymen would be if I broke it in! Uhh, I mean, only you can decide what works best for you, so try out as many things as you can. (Hey Tim, can I have a t-shirt?)

Reesh: Why would someone employed as Amy Fadhli’s thong even need an intensity-boosting supplement? Good god, man, isn’t your job intense enough for you?! (P.S. Feel free to share any job-related pics with your bros.)

I’ve been using vinpocetine for about 3 months mow. I really like it. I stack it with L-Tyrosine and my ECA fat burner before I go to the gym. Too much though and I start to feel “disconnected”. I take 10 mg at a bodyweight of 188lbs.

Bob, as of right now, I’m coming out of retirement. I’m on a mission to find a good friend of mine, Bill Phillips’ Fruit of the Loom Undies, and spare him from future embarrasment of stopping more traffic. It will be tough as I go incognito as EAS spokesperson/contest winner Meredith Brown’s thong, while I travel with Bill to greet future contest winners. When he’s not looking, that’s when I rescue my friend. I don’t know how long it will take, but by then, expect to see my former employer thongless and pantyless at future expos and autograph sign in parties. Ahhh! Pultritude!!!

LOL. Good one, Reeshdawg. Hey, speaking of Meredith, did you notice that she was kind of “bitchy” throughout the video (yeah, I watched it, so sue me :-)? In fact, she really looked pissed when ol’ Bill said he was going to split the million between all the contestants. Sore loser, IMO…