Vinpocetin or Power Drive or ?

Im brand new to this NOOP scene. Im doing this course and looking for something that will help me concentrate for a course im taking. I lose my concentration very easily and eventually just fall asleep…

Vin is pretty cheap, there are quite a few brands. Obviously with something that is “altering” my concentration (affecting the brain) I probably should throw in a few extra shekels and get something of quality.

Power Drive vs. Vin is this apples and oranges?

I also read on here that Aniracetam is good, but I want to start slow…


You may find this thread useful in your research:

If you are rested and fresh I’d go with aniracetam. I haven’t tried Vin, but powerdrive doesn’t do much for me unless I’m mentally foggy from a workout.

the effect of Power Drive is probably more noticeable, but it’s only really noticeable (as bulletprooftiger suggested) when you are noticeably foggy to begin with. in my experience, vinpo tends to sharpen up concentration in a small amount regardless of how you’re currently feeling. from the sounds of your post, i would probably recommend vinpo.

[quote]E99_Curt wrote:
Power Drive is probably more noticeable… when you are noticeably foggy to begin with.[/quote]

Washing down adderall XR with a glass of black tea is pretty good to overcome this as well :slight_smile: I’ve also heard good things about modafinil, but I tried it and apparently bought fake shit.

I took aniracetam for a short duration(basically one bottle), and felt noticeably sharper the whole time, and for a week or so after I finished. Planning to get some more in the future.

As for vinpo, I have used the Vitamin Shop brand, and had good results. I received a concussion in Sep 04 on a static line jump(bad landing). For over a year after that, I had issues with short and mid term memory loss. I started taking vinpo because of this, and saw a marked improvement over time. Never made the connection between the concussion and the memory issues until after taking vinpo for a few months. Definitely worth the look. If it’s for school, I would definitely look at the aniracetam as well.

Look up the old threads.

Brain Function Boosters…


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As far as being sleepy…dude, get more sleep.

You can take all the shit under the sun to jack up your brain power but it doesn’t mean dick if you’re not well rested. Like steroids without working out.

Vinpocentine is the shit, it’s great. It’s relatively cheap and gets the job done.

Take it and take some extra choline (I prefer it as DMAE). Use a little caffeine to wake your ass up and you should be good to go.

If you need help with overall sharpness Aniracetam is a good option, if you need to memorize massive amounts of info I suggest Oxiracetam.

My 2 cents.

Do your research and figure out what you want/need before putting anything into yourself, though.

I second boatguy.
Vinpro is great. I also use the Vitamin Shop brand and found it to work nice.
I use 2-10mg tabs a day. each with meals.

Hey guys, had to bump this…

I have a few finance exams coming up and wanted to try oxiracetam for them. I have sourced some and its on its way.

Do i need DMAE or anything else with it? i am just using this as a study aid

You need DMAE, or another choline source.

Otherwise you’ll deplete your choline stores and end up worse off than you were before taking oxi.

thanks for the quick reply

what would be a good dosage of the DMAE…just 600mg once a day?

[quote]gsxtacy wrote:
thanks for the quick reply

what would be a good dosage of the DMAE…just 600mg once a day?[/quote]

I think for the larger DMAE doses its best to split them up.

I’m just taking it for maintenance, so I use about 450mg - 700 once a day.

However, for stacking with a racetam when running a short noop cycle, say 8-12 weeks, you might want to take more - specifically 1800 - 2400mg.

Remember, thats only 600 - 800 actual DMAE. DMAE Bitartrate is typically 1/3 actual DMAE