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Vinny's Strongman Log II


Show boating ist all fun until it goes wrong. I can’t help but cringe a little when I see something like that.
Different case but same ballpark was Laurence Shahlei at wsm (whatever year): He was aware that he had already won the squat for reps event but the crowd pushed him and he wanted to put on a show - sadly that let to him tearing his quad.


Such a great athlete. I remember following him closely when he was a 105kg competitor. Think he hit a 207kg log at that bodyweight. Best log press ever done in my opinion. Z’s 227kg is pretty close and I think Carlos Reyes 340lb one motion is up there too.


3/15/19 - bw 224

Sumo Deadlifts off 1 inch mats

Pull Ups
x15 not sure why i went so hard on these today. Probably cause my hamstrings and glutes are really taxed from yesterday.


you ever see Kieliszkowski one motion the 390 log 3 times from the Arnold Santa Monica?


Oh yeah. I was just ranting about how insane that was when it happened LOL. Definitely gotta squeeze that in there, 2nd place, maybe 1st.


3/19/19 - bw 222 all split jerk practice today, weight is kept light enough to preserve technical integrity but heavy enough to get my heart working.

Log Clean and Press (split jerks)
250x3 super easy, felt like I’ve honed split jerks though I just got a bit lucky with execution on thois set. Good to know, though. Means I’ve got tons of power to be unleashed once I become better at it.
250x3 did this shirtless… the log actually flew up and punched my neck. I love you too, baby.
250x3 around here is when I felt my form going. Could do 10 more sets honestly but they’d be sloppy and press-outs. Trying to keep things practical.

Seated DB Military
100x6 welp, almost 4x8, volume PR in general with 6.

Concentration Curl/Skullcrusher SS
40x10/115x5 way too heavy

Incline Seal Row

Band Pull Aparts


I’m so damn set on making every warm-up as explosive as possible that one time I wasn’t thinking and when I cleaned an empty log it hit me so hard in the chin I saw pretty stars.


Reminds me of the time I tried to use a slingshot on a barbell strict press, clocked myself super hard in the chin.


LOL. I’ve only ever done this with an axle. Fortunately I was only pushing with all my strength and maximum leg drive to elicit total explosive force output.

Probably an ode to the screws loose in my noggin. Yeah…


I haven’t done much damage to my chin but noticeably to my head, i was doing stones and right near stones a rack had pins set up, so i every time id walk id bang my head on them. Happened 3 times that session.


In a commercial gym, like 4-5 years ago, I failed a rep on front squat and planned to do deadlifts right after, so I unracked the weight to one plate per side, and as I was taking the bar out of the rack (no collars) I for some reason did a 180 with my body and the centrifugal force shot the 45er off the bar and it rolled around the gym violently in a coin tumbling fashion as everyone panned their eyes onto me.


lol that would have been fun to watch. 20 years ago in a commercial gym whilst doing dumbell shoulder press, my shoulder spasms and I threw a 30kg dumbell into the mirror behind the dumbell rack. Lots of cleaning up to be done and paid for the broken mirror out of shear embarrassment!!


My god.