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Vinnie Jones as Juggernaut


DAMN! That has to be latex?!?!?


It is.


I am dumbfounded that they can't find even one pro, semi-pro or amateur bodybuilder for that part who actually has enough acting skills to be convincing. It is a little ridiculous when the largest characters in comics are assigned much smaller actors to fill the part. Spiderman can get away with it, but a skinny Superman? Juggernaut is a freak like the Hulk. Well, he used to be.


Juggernaut stats in the comics:

Height: 6 ft. 10 in.
Weight: 900 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Here: red brown

Somebody tell me if I am asking too much for a character who is historically that large to actually be played by a huge human being. They can get Micheal Clark Duncan to bulk up to nearly 400lbs for King Pin in Daredevil, but they can't find someone who at least doesn't need a latex body suit?


i know little of the comic but i wouldnt be surprised if the role that vinnie jones is playing is that of a thuggish brutish all round hard fella?
Not surprising really givin his cult like status as a football (soccer) hard man of the 80's and 90's. He was good in snatch and lock stock though.

Physique wisw im sure many better qualified people are around but his face is bad ass as they come.
Shame he played the majority of his best football for a crap club full of fellow lunatics - hence the nick name the crazy gang.



........yeah they could have had a bigger bloke for definate.


Random note: Apparently, Vinnie Jones was something of an infamously dirty soccer player in the 80's and 90's.


Have him put on some more weight then accentuate that with a LITTLE latex.


the guy who's nuts he's grabbing is paul gazza gasgoine. Unfortunately for us (England) he developed alcoholism and ruined a hell of a career.
The story behind that involved vinnie telling gazza "dont move fat boy", "im after you fat boy" and "im just gonna take a throw in, dont fuckin move fat boy" for apporoximately 90 minutes. Gazza didnt score.


I think what I focus in on more is that they had to use latex...to make him still look too small for the part. That doesn't speak too highly about this guy's physical development. When they got Michael Jai White to play Spawn, he actually fit into the suit and made it look bigger. It is almost like they are doing this on purpose. Are muscles in Hollywood now a bad thing?


Did you happen to see Be Cool? There were a number of pro bb's in there, and I'm pretty sure they were held to non-speaking roles for a reason.

However, I fully agree that somewhere, there has to be somebody huge that can play one of these parts. Markus Ruhl maybe? I dunno, but I mean, I'm not looking for Shakespeare-esque acting here, they just need to play a freakin' comic book hero, who if I recall, weren't all that emotionally or verbablly eloquent.


Michael Jai White from spawn. I think this was the last time I can think of that they actually picked someone who was already muscular for one of these parts aside from the guy they got to play Colossus in the X-men movie sequel.


Be Cool suprised me. Most of those are NPC competitors. They were even larger in the film because they were all off season. It isn't like guys like that would have to be convinced to do this. Some of them are probably dying just for the chance. The only explanation is either that they are ALL just bad at acting, or Hollywood is making an effort to avoid actually picking muscular actors for some reason.


Professor, I'm surprised at you! What is the current culture? Metrosexual/Manorexic. Brad Pitt muscular. While, sure the guy is tone, but NOT muscular. By keeping the muscles toned down, they make the plot believable to actually be possible. I know, it's ridiculous, as it's a friggin' comic - which is the whole point of comics: that they are beyond reality.

Goldberg can act; he would have been a good possibility for that role. Finding a 900 pound physically fit human would be hard!


Then the Hulk should have been a "believable" 220lbs. None of these characters are doing "believable" things. Someone so strong that they can survive direct hit with bombs should look "average"? Tell me, does anyone think the Terminator movie would have done anywhere near as good as it did (especially the sequel) if they had picked a 180lbs terminator?

No one has written that they needed to find someone who really weighed 900lbs. However, a near 300lbs bodybuilder on screen (which makes them look bigger) would fill that role very nicely. Since those people do exist, why avoid them? 300lbs bodybuilders exist in reality so how could picking one be less "believable" than a latex outfit with poorly created ab muscles?


Prof X is damn on the money, Arnold said that he was actually cast to play the hero (Reese) in Terminator and he wanted to be the villain. He was cautioned that it would hurt his career. However one day while James Cameron was having dinner, Arnold convinced him that he could be the terminator. OJ Simpson was considered for the part and Cameron said he didn't seem believable as a killer and Lance Henriksen was originally cast as the terminator.


Kane would've been ideal. The guy is 6'11" 400 lbs, solid ripped. Accentuate his physique with some latex and you have a believable (on screen) 6'10" 900 lb freak.


Kane is NOT 400lbs.


Ah ha! The Hulk movie, directed by Ang Lee did not have a person play the role of the Hulk. It was generated (quite well, I may add IMO). The Hulk has the ability to grow up to 15 feet, carrying in excess of 2000 pounds - quite impossible for anyone to re-create. The Juggernaut can't do this, as he's physically static. A real person can act the part.

To make it more real to the comic, it should have been portrayed by someone 300+ pounds. Juggernaut really never talked much in the comics, either. He just rampages around, causing mayhem and destruction. Quite doable by anyone with nearly zero acting ability. Yeah, casting dropped the ball. How could they not find someone to not talk?

Perhaps the stigma of the "Evil Steroids?"