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Vinkofest - October 24-25



Any other member of T-Nation will go to the vinkofest ? (24-25 october)

Charle Poliquin & Christian Thibaudeau conference :smiley:


et une petite question pour Christian Thibaudeau

Est-ce qu'il vas avoir de l'information exclusif ?(finalement qu'on ne retrouve pas dans les articles que tu as ecrit(ou livre), lors de cet evenement ?)

Sorry, if my question is in french, i have some difficulties to write in english ^^



yes i will be there! J'ai vraiment hate!


Wish I wasn't some thousand miles away from CP & CT's conference. That will be pure gold for those who attend the event.

Only thing I can do now is to translate the question so other readers can follow this thread:

"A small question for Christian Thibaudeau:

Is there gonna be any exclusive information (such as something we can't find in the articles you've written -or books-) during this event?"


Yes and no.

Yes there will be a ton of info not presented in my books and articles. However some of this info will be presented in the future on T-Nation.


Christian je trouve la journée du 24 beaucoup plus interessante que le dimanche....elle se fera juste en anglais???...dommage, car il va y avoir des notions du hth....et le protocol elabore par toi et Tim...Je comprends tres bien l anglais, mais j aurais mieux aime en francais...


It's about a 6-7 hour drive from me..

Is it free and can I speak english there? lol


I, Bodybuilder, I presume?


Ecoute, viens me voir apres la journée francaise, dit moi que tu es de T-Nation et on passera un heure ensemble pour que je t'explique ca.


Sadly it's not free, but there is one full english day.


Not really, well, some of the methods in I BB, plus some that will be introduced in later programs of the system.


J'aprecie vraiment ta disponibilité, faut que je vérifie si je peux ètre présent et je te reviens avec ca....sinon viens tu d autres fois a montreal ou les environs...si je peux te rencontrer..je suis pret a payer...Merci!!! Charles
p.s vas tu avoir des samples d'anaconda....hahahha....


Hey guys,

I'm the organizer of the seminar, so if you have any questions, please forward them to me via pm (T-Nation doesn't allow email adress on the forum) and I'll answer them

So far, a month out we have already a great attendance. This is gonna be one mega party!


BTW, from the pm's I've recieved, there seems to be some interest in the English lectures of Chris being presented in French.

Those of you interested, please pm me, and following the response I'll talk it over with Chris about it.



Here's the official poster, it'll answer some of your questions guys.

Here's the link to all the infos

English: http://www.vinkomorf.com/v2/vinkofest2009/vinkofest-eng1.html

French: http://www.vinkomorf.com/v2/vinkofest2009/vinkofest-fra1.html


Pat, I'm all for having a private session in french for those who want the english stuff presented in french. But I would limit this to 10 people for a small fee, but on a first come/first served basis...


Awesome Chris!

You heard it guys: first come, first serve! PM me if you wanna to know everthing about supplementation to gain muscle and lose fat and high threshold muscle building en francais!


I would be really down for that... would this be on Sunday?


Yup, after the regularly scheduled event.


Je serais vraiment intéressé mais je réussis pas a tenvoyer un msg privé... !


i m interested!!!