VinkoFest in English

Hey guys,

Just a little straightening out of the facts here. I’ve recieved a lot of inquiries based on the facts that the talk was in French quite a lot on the previous VinkoFest thread.

So yes, there’s a full day in English on Oct. 24th.

Topics will include:

  • Optimizing para-workout nutrition for various goals - Chris Thibaudeau

  • Using high threshold techniques to prime hypertrophy - Chris Thibaudeau

  • Steps to success in the strength coaching profession - Charles Poliquin

  • Increasing neural drive for training - Charles Poliquin

And best of all, it’s only 175$ CAD

Click here for all infos

Is there anywhere that someone who wasn’t fortunate enough to attend VinkoFest can obtain a synopsis of what happened in the seminars? Did anyone take notes?