Okay, I’ve heard quite a bit about this ‘supplement’. But I’m totally confused. Am I correct in saying that taking vinegar with carbohydrates (or immediately before) makes them more likely to be used for building muscle than for being stored as adipose tissue? Or… what? Is it similar to r-ALA in this respect (only obviously MUCH cheaper)?

What are the benefits (or lack thereof) to taking some vinegar (I have NO IDEA how much) with P+C meals? While bulking? While cutting?

In layman’s terms, please, for the less educated.

Thank you very much.

I believe, albeit very rudimenterily explained here, it makes glucose uptake preferential to muscle and liver cells rather than fat cells. I have been experimenting with it for about a week and a half. Too early to tell anything yet but I’ll let you know in a bit.

Thanks grooveless, how much do you take? Is it weight dependant, or meal dependant (like, the more carbs you eat, the more vinegar you take)? Any reccomended dosages? Specific times to take it? (I hear NOT before exercising…?)

It impacts insulin sensitivity. See this recent article

Looks like I’m gonna be shotgunning 1-2tbsp of vinegar before my big carb meals (breakfast, and 90min PWO). I’m cutting - sound like a decent idea?

Sounds good.