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Vince Taylor Eats 3x a Day


I just read an article about Vince Taylor. He said that he eats about three times a day, sometimes only once or twice. He doesn't have a huge appetite.

I just thought it was interesting that a pro bodybuilder ate so infrequently.


I believe about 10% of what I hear written in articles about pro bodybuilders. If it defies simple logic/physics, such as maintaining the amazing amount of lean body mass that Vince Taylor has with 1 meal a day, I say bullshit.


There's 2 ways to look at this.

1 - Vince is an amazing Physique Professional [I may have just invented that term, feel free to use it at will. :slight_smile: ], but he is the exception to the rule since the vast majority of pro bodybuilders eat multiple times per day.


2 - It's not entirely difficult to believe. Given the recent articles about the effectiveness of Prison workouts, we know that results can absolutely be seen when eating 3 squares a day, sleeping enough, and lifting enough.

It could also be a combination of both. Either way.


Yes, results can be achieved through years of doing nothing but weight training such as in prison, but when it's a persons profession, as is the case of Vince Taylor, there is no reason to believe they would voluntarily choose to take a path of disadvantaged nutrition.

The only logical conclusion that I've come up with is that the author of whatever article this was from took the quote completely out of context.

Like, say Vince was dieting down, and he talked about how a couple days where he'd only consume 1-2 whole meals a day, and the rest of his calories would come from low-calorie MRP's or something.

Then, the author writes an article exclaiming "Vince Taylor says he only eats 1 meal a day!" just for the sake of sensationalism.


maybe he was refering to meals... not including pre and post workout shakes and meal replacements. Cause I personally might only sit down to have 2 or 3 "meals" and get the rest of my calories through shakes.


It would be helpful to know how many hours he sleeps at night.

If he is able to sleep 12-16 hours a day he may get away with eating only three high calorie meals.

Or not.


My guess is that this is what he meant, but since it is an article, it is possible that he was misquoted.

Some old school guys only ate three times a day and there is an article on T-Nation about sumo wrestlers eating only twice a day and we know how huge those guys can get.

So I think it is possible to build a muscular physique with 3 meals a day.

I think it would be harder on the digestive system though, to take in so many calories at once.


I have had the opportunity to watch Vince Taylor work out many times. You would be amazed by the light weights and lack of intensity he utilizes. He is really truly gifted with great genetics.


Many older bodybuilders will tell you that they back off of the weight used and that they are still able to maintain the size they built when they were younger. Vince is either near 50 or already over. His muscle isn't going anywhere. He doesn't have to move a ton anymore to keep it. It would be false for anyone to think he built that size initially lifting the way he may lift right now.


Why isn't his muscle going anywhere? If you cut back drastically on your weights and intensity where would your muscle go? He has great genetics plain and simple


This thread would just be incomplete without a picture.


Did you even read what I wrote? It takes less weight to maintain your muscle size than it took to build that size in the first place. You can offset the weight used by simply increasing volume. Most guys I have spoken to in their 40's claim they don't go as heavy as they once did, but many I used to look up to at my old gym still had amazing physiques. Is it that you just don't want to believe it?


Because at his age his body is already adapted to the muscle he carries. If he continues to lift to not gain he most likely will keep all of his muscle so long as he is consistant. Sure age will deteriorate some muscle but most of it could and should stay if he's consistant. He knows how to eat for his body and he knows how to workout for his body. His cutting back drastically isnt the same as the usually gym geek cutting back dramaically. He's not going to be dumbbell pressing the pink and green dumbbells any time soon I assure you....


I read what you wrote. I notice you did not answer my question. My comments only apply to a bodybuilder who uses weights that are considered light by a person with one or two years of weight training under their belt. I do not disagree that most of the older bodybuilders use less weight to maintain most of their bulk for various reasons...the weights he uses must be small fractions of the ones he used to obtain his bulk....as I originally stated genetically gifted


I remember reading an older article that said he only ate once or twice a day. He even mentioned a favorite meal of his while training for the Olympia was six egg whites and a can of coke.


He doesn't have the healthiest diet, it is hard to believe that he builds such a great physique eating the way he does.


Thats not a meal, thats 250 calories! (and about 20 grams of protein).