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not sure how many guys here are wrestling fans, but anyways, have any of you seen vince mcmahon, this guy just turned 58 yrs old, and he is so jacked, he is better built than most wrestlers. if youve seen him, you know what i’m talking about. Sure, he does steroids, but who doesn’t in wrestling. i think this in a way proves that not only are steroids not nearly as dangerous as once made out to be, but can also be very beneficial. this guy is nearly 60 yrs old and is in great health, and looks unreal. i think it also proves that u don’t lose anything as you age, if you continue to have that desire to look great, not just be in shape, but to look unreal.

I was thinking the same thing last night. I caught a little bit of him last night, and I couldn’t believe it. He’d always just been the skinny pussbag. Now he’s jacked. Damn.

How exactly can you say he’s in great health? You his doctor? How do we know that he’s not about to fall over from a heart attack or something?

MR, didn’t you know you can tell how healthy a person is by how “jacked” they are?

I could take him. He’s a pussy.

who gives a shit about health as long as your still “jacked” at the age of 60?

Actually Vince has always been a pretty big bastard and he’s always had a love for bodybuilding. He’s bigger now of course. Do any of you remember his attempts years ago and starting a bodybuilding federation? It failed just like the XFL did.

Of course Vince is on the roids, but so wasn’t HHH, and obviously so isn’t Big Poppa Pump, christ he’s a roin monkey

i remember when Triple H first came to the WWF, he looked like shit…all of a sudden his arms grew like 5 inches. Hmmm…I wonder how?

Wasn’t the formula: training, vitamins, and prayers?

Unless you’re his doctor you have no insight into his health. Looks are one thing, health is another. Don’t mix potatoes with chickens.

That said, I wonder what the guy’s Blood Pressure is. He’ll end up with a heart attack if he doesnt learn to relax.

Also, any man who feels the need to grab his dick and in a public display in order to get ratings from closet homosexuals; and anyone who feels the need to SLAP a journalist during an interview because he cant handle a straight-forward question has some deep underlying mental issues. Vince, for the love of God we dont want to see your wee-wee, ok? Also, please realize in the real world you don’t just start slapping everybody who dares ask a good question.

Yeah, you shouldn’t slap someone for asking a stupid question… you tattoo them in the head with a steel chair, baby!

Scott Steiner is insanely huge, but he has become slower than cold syrup. The only move he can do now is the belly to belly, his trademark move. No more Frankensteiners or fast paced matches. Steiner pretty much sucks now and his body doesn’t even look that good.

Who did Vince slap? I remember him threating someone and pointing his finger in his face, but not slapping.

Even if he did, who cares? That’s what pro wrestling is all about! Pro Wrestlers, including the boss Vince McMahon, have to act that way.

Yeah, they die early, but so what? They were pro wrestlers while they lived!

Steriods, steel chairs, cage matches, razor blades, tables, blood, mayhem! Ha! I say that whoever got slapped is lucky that’s all they got!

Jakeman you have much to learn. Anyone who puts fame and glory over health has much growing up to do.
Also, realize it’s a fucking show - it’s theatre with juiced up muscles. They’re actors, not exactly athletes (and dont tell me the results of Football games are pre-established to get tv ratings).

Dont beat too hard to McMahon’s tight ass, it might bleed, lol.

Duh…doncha know rasslin’ is FAKE…?

Never thought I’d hear THAT comment again…! It’s like a flashback to the 1980’s…!

I’m sure with the squillions of dollars that Vince has got, he’s in the prime of health. He’s been in the 'roid game for years now, and can afford the very best medical advice.

Why do some people assume that half this forum can take steroids safely, but a millionaire wrestlin’ guru must be haphazardly juicing to the gills…?


Of course it’s fake! That’s not the point. It’s WRASSLIN! It’s a totally different world where health doesn’t really matter. I’m not saying I live that way! But honestly, do you really think I give a rats ass if someone chooses to live that way or not? Nope, I don’t. Don’t care, not now, not ever. It’s their life, not mine. However, if they decide to change and ask for my help, that’s different.

Plus, I was really just messing around Diesal! Trust me, I don’t want to get in an argument with you over Vince McMahon for crying out loud. I’ve been reading your posts for a awhile, and I’ve got plenty of respect for you.

I’m to posting on this forum, but I’m not new too this site. I’ve been watching, listening and learning for a long time now.

The thing about me is that half the time I’m being sarcastic and joking around, and a lot of people tend to take it seriously. And when your on a topic about Vince McMahon, how can you be serious??

Vince has been a big guy for some time, and the BB fed he ran for a brief period was the WBF. He signed guys like Gary Strydom, Mike Quinn and Eddie Robinson. Watching their second (and last) show was like watching a car wreck in slow motion… it was awful…They also had a supplement line for a while, Icopro or something like that…

Maybe he’s just been wearing clothes, but I hadn’t seen Vince in several months, and then they show him all ripped and everything. It was quite surprising. I imagine he’ll run for governor of some state soon.

I totally agree that wrestling is theatre, and its actually gotten pretty carried away with storylines, but most of those guys are some very good athletes nonetheless.