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Vince Is Going Pro


It looks like Vince Young has made the decision to go to the NFL.

I would have liked to see another National Title and the Heisman (both of which were strong possibilities), but with the potential this kid has,(and the risk if injuries, etc.), I think that he and his family made a good choice.

So...for "The Nation"; where do you think he is going?

(Note: Houston and the 49's seem out, due to young quarterbacks they are trying to groom; but remember that Vince could be a GREAT bargaining tool for trades of picks, etc.)

Congratulations to Vince and his family!



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Neither one gets drafted first if Houston keeps the #1 pick. Plain and simple.

The saints will probably pick up Leinert at #2, look at all the trouble a mobile qb gave them and what they had to put up with, what with Aaron Brooks.

Hell it would be cool to see the packers trade and get #1 or #2 and get Vince Young. That would be sweet action. Hell it is about the best shot they have at getting someone that might actually be good.

Houston will probably trade the pick away for a 10-20 pick depending on the quality of defensive players at that spot in the draft.


After seeing Eli bite the big one today, the Giants should be looking at Young.


What about Vince going to Tenneesee?

1) McNair has been his friend, mentor and surrogate Dad, and is close to retiring. (He could stick around for 1-2 years to mentor him?)

2) The Titans are in a rebuilding mode.

Just a thought!



Would never fall to 20-22nd pick. Besides it was eli's first playoff game and he has played pretty well this year.


I'm sure rrjc was kidding. The G-Men aren't giving up on Manning.

I still think Leinart gets picked before Young. Leinart will go to the Aints and Young to the Titans. I still think Young hasn't proven to be a decent passer. He runs through college defenses at will, but what happens to him when he gets to the NFL. I'd like to see him try to outrun a Urlacher or Ray Lewis on those draws.


Are you kidding? I'll be SHOCKED if Houston trades away the #1 pick to get a 10-20. They're going to take Bush.


Yes I was kidding, and I agree that he has played well all year.


IMO, you would be stupid to pick Leinart over Young.


Bush is going to the Texans so he can split carries with D. Davis. The Saints are going to pick Leinart because as someone else said, they don't want another Aaron Brooks.

There's no way Houston will pass up Bush for a 10-20. No way.


Houston should trade Bush for some other team's entire offensive line. Any other team's line would be a vast improvement.


Leinhart ahead of Young. Scrambling quarterbacks aren't winning games anymore in today's NFL.


I'm starting to hear more about Tennessee.

Is this just "Internet Talk"; or are the Titans a team that could realistically pick up Vince?



What about the affect this will ahve on college ball?

Personally I'm glad he went pro because now it's like the title is up for grabs next year. FINALLY USC won't be so dominant and I'm seeing maybe Ohio State or LSU taking it with Notre Dame way up there.

Hopefully, my team (Gators) can find themselves a decent quaterback that can run the option.


Yeah, I agree. I'm not completely sold on Reggie. When Bush started getting hit hard against TX, he really wasn't the same back we've seen all season long. He should've been the star in that game, but the game got physical, so USC went to Lendale White and he proceeded to score 3 TDs.

Houston is such a mess, I think they need more than a scat back to dig themselves out of their hole. And it's not like Dominick Davis is a bum, so they can live without getting that "can't miss" RB. Fix that line, and you'll see things happen. But that's a BIG fix.


The Texans had better be looking to draft some O-linemen - or at least do some heavy trading. I don't care if they draft Bush, Young, White, or Daffy Duck. No one can do shit behind the sorry excuse for an offensive line they put on the field this year.

The Titans seem like a natural fit for Young. They already have an offense built around a big, tall, mobile QB. I think Young would do well to learn for a year or two before getting thrown in thr fire - which I think has a lot to do with N.O.'s troubles with Brooks.

I still don't see Bush as a top draft pick. He may be worth the money when he matures, but i wouldn't waste any bonus money on him if I am a GM.


Sure, why not. It's evident that McNair is nearing the end of his career. He's basically the walking wounded right now. If they do draft Vince Young, they could slowly get him ready for the NFL since they still have McNair and Billy Voleck. They wouldn't have to throw him into the fire like SF did to Alex Smith.

But, I'm still not sold on Young. Running QB's don't do too well or last too long in the NFL.


Bush had the same amount of carries in the Rose Bowl that he did all year long. He was a 10-15 down back all year long and I think he ended up with 15 carries in the Rose Bowl.

The difference is Texas was tackling and being aggressive before he got into the open field, so his production dropped way down.

I haven't been sold on Reggie Bush's talents transferring to the NFL, either, because I know he gets a lot of yards from crappy college tackling. In the NFL, they don't miss tackles like that. They can't or they're gone. Best of luck to him, though.

Also, i'm convinced the Texans will pick up Bush #1 because of two things.

A) They're scared if they don't pick him and he does blow up they'll be laughed at and mocked forever. On the flip side, if they pick him and he flops, no one can blame them.

B) They'll be more than happy to give Bush 10-15 carries a game and let Davis rest up for any possible late season/post season run they may make in the near future (stop laughing). This is a common trend going on in the NFL and Houston will pick up on it.


I wanted to mention the "size" issue that some people tend to bring up with Bush (6ft; about 200-205lbs), because the average NFL running back seems to be getting bigger (not smaller) and faster.

I always have to point to Warrick Dunn: 5ft 9in; 180lbs; 9 realtively healthy years in the Pro's.

No..Reggie is never going to be a "punishing" runner; but that isn't his strength.

As he hones his skills in the Pros, I think that the "size" thing becomes a non-issue EXCEPT as it relates to the specific needs of a team considering him as a Draft Pick.