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Vince Girondo - Raw Milk


Does anyone know what what sort of raw milk Vince Girondo reccomends? i.e. Full fat, skimmed or semi skimmed?


Vince Gironda.


He likely wouldnt have one recommendation for everyone. Choose what fits into your diet best. But other than using common sense, I have no idea what the answer to the question is.


Vince Gironda did recommend raw milk, the whole kind, of course. And, he did not recommend one diet for everyone. He also knew that diet is highly individual - some respond very well to low carbs, others do not. Some can go very low calorie on a cut and maintain workout energy and recovery, others cannot.

He trained Mohammed Makaway, placed 2nd at the Olympia years back (1980). Gironda also INSISTED on no drugs. Amazing what he did with Makaway; although it was also Makaway's discipline and genetics that helped.

Gironda published a book in the late 70's "Unleashing the Wild Physique" A very interesting read if you can get your hands on a copy.


That shit is ExPeNs!vE. F#ck that. you pay more and more for the less they put in, goes with just about everything these days... . I'd love to drink it or even raw goats milk, or raw colostrum which I used to get at whole foods before those got all pussy about it and stopped carrying it.


Or find a local farm...Many states have 'cow sharing'...friend that has a cow...goat, etc. Depends on if you are located in the city or country. Easy to get raw milk where I am but I have also lived in the city and know that $10/gallon is too much for me.


Gironda was an advocate of high protein, high fat, low carb diets. So, full fat milk and/or cream would be the top choices.

Also, for the love of all things heavy in the lifting world, edit your thread title to spell the man's name correctly. It's like asking how many Mr. Olympias Albert Schwarzenegger won.


That is freakin' funny!


Full Fat, preferably from Jersey or Guernsey cows, and pasture fed is a must.

Even better would be if you can find out the genetics--A1 or A2. A2 cows produce milk with a proline amino at amino acid number 67 in the beta-casein protein, opposed to a hysteine amino...the result is less of an immune-response in alot of people and a milk that's much easier to digest (for a large portion of people)

Most Jerseys and Guernseys are A2/A2, but there are certainly some A1's in the mix. Holsteins are mostly A1. Goats are A2/A2, and so are humans--So you might also consider finding a new mother trying to work off her baby weight at the gym.