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Vince Gironda's Rep Schemes

I was reading this article

and I got pretty interested in the high set approach

But first a word or two about me
I’m a recreational lifter with my main goals being improving my bench and squat.So far I’m around 200-205 pounds,15 % bf at just below 6’1,arms 15.4 inches bench at 270 or so and squat at 330(beltless)

I use a conjugate approach to my training

So,I thought of upping my calories a lot(a 500-750 calorie surplus) from September and training like this
Max effort bench variation,incline or shoulder press 10x10/8x8/15x4 switching press each time,row 10x10/…,some arms and facepulls
Max effort squat variation,squat or lunge variation 10x10/…,good morning or other posterior chain movement 10x10/…,calves
Dynamic effort upper,the same
Dynamic effort lower,the same

The reason for that is cause I feel like putting some mass on my ‘‘benching and squatting muscles’’ will help a lot

How does it look?

Ps Of course if I choose to do something like that I’ll lose a bit more fat before

So…you’re doing 10x10, 8x8, and 15x4 all in one work out?

Yeah,and then I go and laugh at Rich Piana’s face for his 8 hour workout

Lol no,I mean I’ll pick one each day

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