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Vince Gironda's 8x8


Has anyone tried Vince Gironda's 8x8? I hear it tossed around here and there and saw a plan on a previous post. I would like to see what kind of results you guys saw from this program.



We talked about Gironda's 8x8 and 15x4 protocols on this thread:

While I haven't done a straight routine of 8x8, I'll toss it in once in a while for variety. On a short cycle (2-3 weeks), it's nice for quick bodypart specialization, especially for arms. On a bit of a longer cycle (4-6 weeks), it would serve as a decent cardio alternative for fat loss. However, since lighter weights are necessary, muscle loss would need to be prevented through smart nutrition.


Yes, I was doing one-arm pushups and handstand pushups 8 x 8 and I was pretty beat after that.

I would do 8 left, 8 right then rest, rather than 8x8 one arm then rest, so I think I was emphasizing the cardio a little more.

I have never been more out of breath than with the 8 x 8. Good stuff.


Did you end up doing a straight run of 6 weeks or so of Girondas program?


Muscle loss wasnt an issue for me. The two exercises I did the 8 x 8 for I had just reached that level. I had worked up from 5x5 to 10x3 to the 10 x 5 which I had been doing for a few weeks when the 8 x 8 article was posted, so it was actually the next progression for me, from 50 to 64 reps.


(Sorry, I just saw/remembered this thread here.) I didn't do any consistent 15x4 or 8x8 cycles. Maybe I'll use it during the Summer in a One Lift A Day-ish style. I think it'll definitely be something to play around with on a semi-occassionally-sometimes regular basis.


Thanks guys. I tried my first day and it was murder. :slight_smile: