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Vince Gironda and Half n Half


Vince Gironda used half n half in his hormone precursor shake. Is this the same as the half n half you buy in the stores today for your coffee? Or is there a way to better emulate what was being used back in the day when everything was just better?


What do you mean “better”??

He does explain why, which in turn, answers your question.


Grass-fed half-and-half would likely be more similar, as in Vince’s day I think (but am not sure) that pasturing dairy cows was still either the norm or at least relatively common in America.

Grass-fed cream is higher in CLA than cream from grain-fed cows.

Whether this makes a difference in hormonal or muscle results, I don’t know. Subjectively, as completely unprovable statement, I feel I do better on grass-fed dairy than regular.


Btw, here’s an abstract of a study on some metabolic differences that can exist:

Br J Nutr. 2014 Aug 28;112(4):520-35.
Pasture v. standard dairy cream in high-fat diet-fed mice: improved metabolic outcomes and stronger intestinal barrier.

Dairy products derived from the milk of cows fed in pastures are characterised by higher amounts of conjugated linoleic acid and α-linolenic acid (ALA), and several studies have shown their ability to reduce cardiovascular risk. However, their specific metabolic effects compared with standard dairy in a high-fat diet (HFD) context remain largely unknown; this is what we determined in the present study with a focus on the metabolic and intestinal parameters.

The experimental animals were fed for 12 weeks a HFD containing 20 % fat in the form of a pasture dairy cream (PDC) or a standard dairy cream (SDC). Samples of plasma, liver, white adipose tissue, duodenum, jejunum and colon were analysed. The PDC mice, despite a higher food intake, exhibited lower fat mass, plasma and hepatic TAG concentrations, and inflammation in the adipose tissue than the SDC mice. Furthermore, they exhibited a higher expression of hepatic PPARα mRNA and adipose tissue uncoupling protein 2 mRNA, suggesting an enhanced oxidative activity of the tissues.

These results might be explained, in part, by the higher amounts of ALA in the PDC diet and in the liver and adipose tissue of the PDC mice. Moreover, the PDC diet was found to increase the proportions of two strategic cell populations involved in the protective function of the intestinal epithelium, namely Paneth and goblet cells in the small intestine and colon, compared with the SDC diet. In conclusion, a PDC HFD leads to improved metabolic outcomes and to a stronger gut barrier compared with a SDC HFD. This may be due, at least in part, to the protective mechanisms induced by specific lipids.


I don’t think I’ve ever seen grass fed half n half in stores up here. I’ll definitely be looking and searching thiugh.


Vince got all his knowledge from Rheo H Blair (Irwin Johnson) who was and in my opinion still is way ahead in BodyBuilding nutrition. Added to the fact that his protein tasted great ( I used it) and his ethical methods of distribution was in contrast to his competitors whose names I won’t mention.


Sorry, but I thought you would have found the answer by now.

Half and half was used as it was believed to be “in balance” when mixed with the protein and the eggs (Vince’s famous shake of 12 oz half and half, 12 eggs, scoop of protein powder). Using cream or whole milk would have “upset” that balance.

As noted above, a lot he got was from Blair. He was in all the magazines I grew up with, along with Rader, and a whole slew of others I forgot…

He also recommends raw as much as possible, which is very hard to get these days.

Metabollic Drive mean anything to you?