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Vince Gironda 8x8 for Cutting?

Hi CT,

I’ll start a 6-week fat loss phase in 2 weeks. I’ll be eating at a moderate deficit, and for training I would like to try out an 8x8 workout, which you have written about in the past.

I read Vince’s principles and I came up with this split. I would like you to critique it.

Mon back hamstrings
RDL warm up, then 1 set of AMRAP
Lat pulldown 8x8
Seated cable row 8x8
Lying leg curl 8x8

Tue chest tris
Neck press 8x8
Incline db press 8x8
Rope pushdown 8x8
Overhead rope extension 8x8

Wed off

Thu shoulders
Wide grip Bb Upright row 8x8
Seated Db OHP 8x8
Face pull 4x15
Cable lateral raise 4x15

Fri quads bis
Back Squat 8x8
Leg Extension 8x8
Hammer curl 8x8
Cable curl 8x8

Sat off

Sun off

What do you think?