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Vince Anello Deadlift. Watch, Enjoy


It is so beautiful, so perfect.



That's awesome. I wish they still televised PLing.



Yea, that would be great. Powerlifting is an awesome sport!


holy shit, Bryant Gumbell as commentator. Now I've seen it all!

nice lift to (=D) guy is made to pull definitly.


wow. im less interested in the deadlift and more intrigued that bryant gumbel was once a commentator for a powerlifting meet. who knew


not to start yet another big ugly gear debate, bt PL got quite a bit of mainstream media sports coverage in the 70's and very early 80's, but now with the crazy gear that NOBODY outside of the very small hardcore pl community understands, that is very unlikely to happen again.


Very true. It's nice to see a lift like that from yester-year by a guy who's practically naked.


I've never really believed this argument to be true. Strongmen wear squat suits and deadlift suits but they still get TV coverage. The public doesn't have to understand gear, they just have to understand that lifter X is attempting 1000 pounds or whatever. The IPF fed has a huge pool of lifters, big world-wide events, big time restrictions on gear and you don't see that on TV, so is gear really the issue?




well lets just agree to disagree, i could say many more things to support my argument, but i dont want to further hijack a great thread. the old pl videos of the legends of the sport are great.


Gear is the reason you can't really compare the lifts anymore, which would be very important for any non-PLer to show any interest in the sport

That and the evolution of "technique", i don't consider unracking the bar and lowering it about 3 inches a proper lift...


To be honest, I think the reason powerlifting doesn't get TV coverage is because it's a very boring sport unless you know what's going on.


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Yes, well, they are commenting on chalk...


Results here:



Apparently you haven't seen the rate my physique section recently...