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Vince 60 Years Old....


Vinnie Mac


Hes got to be on steroids, considering he was nowhere near this level physique wise years ago. I cant see him getting this big at that age when he wasnt even this size years ago.


Wow, haven't seen WWF for a couple years, Vince got way bigger, AAS for sure.


he's always worked out , he started in the 80s even when he first stepped in the ring and had man boobs he was still pretty big.


I knew a guy who has been working for the WWF/WWE for about 20 years. Last time a spoke to him was 15 years ago. I remember him saying "You would be surprised at how built Vince M is". He said he worked out religiously cause he had to negotiate with Monsters. Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying he's beyond a few spotinjections, however it's not like he poked himself and poof he's built like that. If it were so easy then Joe Weider and Bob Hoffman would have actually looked like they worked out.


lol, I'll probably be juicing in my 60s. I'm mean at that point what have I got to loose.


The pic looks pretty air brushed to me, something M&F does more than playboy these days.

Either way Vince is impressive for 60 years old. Juice or not.


Yeah I agree with the airbrush. He didn't look nearly that good 5 or six years ago when he stepped in the ring with Austin


You all did notice that the cover was from the April 2004 issue, right?


See the optometrist it says April 2006.



I'm not the one that needs to see the Optometrist. It clearly says 2004 on the regular size. I englarged it and then it said 2006. And it is a clear difference between the numbers.


They have april's issue completed already? Are we sure its not 2005? I thought I saw 2005.


Its 2006 and yes they would have April's issue done by now. If you ever get a subscription to a mag you'll find yourself way ahead of the game............issue wise....




Whatever, he's 60 and hitting the iron, good for him. If you really think about it, there are millions of men that age on testosterone replacement therapy and they don't look like Vince.


No way does he use the juice.

Oh yea, and Stephanie McMahon's breasts are real. :wink:




anyone who thinks Vince is natural - please, you can't be that delusional.

I'll bet he low doses with the GH as well.


Yeah I think he's probably juicing but juice or not I hope to maintain that type of size and definition at 60.


It's a wonder what photo-shop does.