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Vin Diesel's Measurements?


Does anyone know Vin Diesel's body measurements? (chest,waist,arms, legs..etc.)

i heard that he is getting smaller now. but i was impressed by his physique in Riddick.


Im guessing by your screen name you want to know the measurement of a certain body part of his that you did not mention.....


i think you're making a joke. that's fine. but all i want to know is how big is his chest, arms, and legs, that's all.


Thanks for the laugh.


I heard Vin has been eating a quart of ice cream a day to fatten up for a new movie.


I don't have the exact numbers, but he's frickin huge, man; just like, enormous.

Two little-known facts about Vin Diesel:

  1. Vin Diesel makes the sun move across the sky with his eyes, how can he stare at the sun for more than 11 hours a day you ask? You know why.

  2. If you rearrange the letters in Vin Diesel it reveals his credo: "I End Lives."


I believe it was this one:


Uh oh! You've just crushed the hopes and dreams of several teenagers. Now what will their goal be.




That movie was made a few years ago. Its already been realeased and will be on DVD next week. It wasnt a bad movie. Definitely Vin a different light.


Well, if they can't get as "HUGE" as Vin Diesel. They can still get "SHREDDED" like Brad Pitt!

I almost typed that without laughing!


I could be wrong, but I think it was made sometime late last/early this year. I only say that 'cause I saw Disel promoting it on the daily show a few months back.


I already saw it in theatres in March. It was shot 2 years ago and completed early last year or at the end of 04. The same thing happened with A Man Apart. It was completed and movies completed after it were released before it.


Apparently not extremely big. When living in Seattle couple years back, a friend of mine went into NikeTown and the employee who helped him had also helped Vin Diesel earlier in the day. My friend at the time: height 70", 185-190 lbs, ~8-10%bf, balanced upper vs lower; he asked the NikeTown employee the same question and the response was, "not as big as i thought, definitely lean, but your arms are bigger than his..."

Who knows with Hollywood. Cameras, standing next to smaller actors who don't work out at all, illusions are easy to be created.


he supposedly just works out in between movies and not during. if true, it would make sense why he's bigger in some parts of a movie and smaller in others. now, when you see him, when's he's doing interviews and such, he is noticeably smaller.

he's making a movie based off that video game Hitman and he's doing some medieval Conan-type movie. hope his physique is back to snuff for those


FightingIrish's Girlfriend told me vin was 7 inches.


you know what they say, the camera adds 10 pounds, can make you 4 inches taller, can take off 5% body fat and add an inch or two to the guns.

just look what it did for tom cruise


Coolest thing ever.


I'm kinda Sloooooow.


i remember reading somewhere he does the super-slow routine for quick muscle gains. does anyone know what kind of exercises he does besides crunches? My friend says he probably does'nt workout that often.
I Guess his biceps are about 12.5" and quads 20".

Anyway the dude is a girlyman, he's a fairy and a wuss. good actor tho.