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Vin Diesel > Chuck Norris


You can deny it all you want.


Before there were shitty Chuck Norris quotes, there were shitty Vin Diesel quotes. So yeah, you're right.

Vin Diesel likes to steal from the rich and eat the poor.


Mr. T is better than Vin Diesel.

There are only two types of people, those he pittys, and those who are fools.

Chuck Norris lives in a roundhouse, and you're only seconds from death if he kicks you in a video game, or somethin. Oh yeah, he's the man.


but what if Vin Diesel was trained by a certain coach Ditka?


doesn't matter, cause all chuck needs is a mini-ditka


The sun would collapse into a black hole, and from it would emerge a leviathan man-beast called "Vinnie Bear" who trancends time and eats planets, all in defense of his beloved planet Earth.

Or maybe not. Hard to say.




Every body knows that Chuck Norris cloned himself, shaved it and called it Vin Diesel. They are the same person.


ROFL! For some strange reason I read this "DieselWiesel > Chuck Norris". I even made up some shitty DW quotes but then realised this was about that other Diesel. :frowning: