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Vin Diesel and The Rock


For anyone who ever thought Vin Diesel was big-ish here he is stood next (presumably on a box) to The Rock in a screen shot from Fast Five.

Does any one else think he looks a small child compared to The Rock?


Vin Diesel used to be bigger I think, on Pitch Black he had a decent amount of size, but now a days I don't see him as a huge guy. The Rock is a bad ass.


The rock is bad ass.


There is a 6-8 inch height difference between the two so of course the Rock is going to look huge next to Vin Diesel... Plus the rock is awesome and vin sucks balls


Yeah the rock is a bad ass, i guess Vin used to be. You can't really c it on there but a lot of people say that facially i look like him, this happened on valentines day when a waiter at an Italian restaurant mentioned, man that was awkward.....


he was just trying to sleep with you...


Ye i know, it musta been the Italien in him..


i thought the rock would look taller compared to vin diesel i dont think theres a 6-8 inch difference tho isnt the rock 6'3 and vin 6'1?

the rock makes ludacris look like a lil kid tho


Are you fucking serious??You can't even compare their arms in that shot.

I don't think you could've picked a more biased shot if you tried.


Dude, relax! i stumbled upon the picture and made an observation, i didn't search for it. My comment is just on the off chance of seeing that picture. Jesus Christ.


the rock is listed online as anywhere from 6'3" to 6'5" so who knows?

and Vin Diesel is listed from 5'10" to 6'... My cousin met him one time in Hollywood and said that Vin Diesel was a little shorter than he was and he is 5'11" so take that however you want.

Tyrese is roughly the same height as Vin Diesel (the way they make it look in the F&F movies that is) and he is listed at 5'11.5" (so basically the same height as what Vin is listed as)

Ive played basketball with Tyrese several times at LA Fitness and he is NOT 5'11". Hes 5'9" maybe (his bodyguard was probably 6'5" though)

Right now you're probably thinking "And whats your point?" Well my point is.... No one really knows how tall these guys are cause celebrities lie lol

EDIT: What a huge pointless waste of time that was to look up all those things and then write it all out lol


lol no i understand the point, ive been rewatching the f&f movies the last couple of weeks and in 2fast 2furious the movie has tyreese as 6'3 185 on his fbi file i found that funny, also in the last f&f movie how they tried to sell vin diesel as this monster whos holding people out of windows by their legs and taking bullets without flinching when hes not even all that big or muscular he even had a lil bulk belly( i cant really hate on that because i have one myself)



Ye but we love you for it greg, i already checked the stats lol but i didn't write about it or let people know i was sad enough to check them out.... oh shit, wait a minute....


I know a dude who met Arnold and said he was maybe my height [5'10" in shoes]. Found that funny 'cause he's listed at 6'2". Also, can Tyrese hoop? I imagine he's garbage.


Sorry I'm distracted by how far and wide you'd have to look to come up with two guys with less acting talent regardless of something as inconsequential as height.


Dude do you not read? I'm pretty sure i've already said that i stumbled upon it. Plus i was trying to make the point that Vin is considered a BIG actor but when you put him next to The Rock he looks like a kid stood on a box.


Keep in mind that the Rock was a D-end for Miami I think back in the day. He's around 6-5 at least, and huge, to play that position at a D-1 school


I was about 6 feet from him at the Arnold classic and I'd say that's pretty accurate (I'm your height). However, he has terrible slumping posture now and probably has lost some height with age. It's not unreasonable to think he was 6+ in his prime.

The Rock is the man. Even when he's leaned out and at his smallest in shitty movies, he still holds a lot of size. But I guess that's why he was a high-level college athlete.


he was ok. (im not very good at all so take my basketball advice however you want lol) He was trying to drive every play pretty much and would throw up wild layups. He had decent handles but didnt really have a shot.

He was kinda a black hole (no pun intended)... once he got the ball it just disappeared. It was never coming back out lol He was a pretty nice guy though.