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Village Lions Rugby Tournament


I know there's a lot of other ruggers on here, anyone else go to the Village Lions tournament this past weekend on Randall's Island in New York? I played tighthead for Providence RFC and we won the men's club division. It was a great tournament and I got to thinking about it afterwards and realized I may have watched or played against some other T-Nation folk.


I play for Montclair RFC. Although my team was there, I didn't play. Actually I haven't played in about 2 seasons because of scheduling conflicts with me being on the Fire Dept and owning a business so I have been out of the loop. I wanted to play again this spring but not sure if I can. God I miss playing...


I play for the Lions, although I didn't play in the final against Providence. I did play against Montclair. Do you have any feedback about the tournament? We thought it went pretty smoothly with plenty of competitive games.


yeah man, I thought everything went great. Although I think rugby is traditionally supposed to be played on grass;) My only complaint was that by the time I needed to use one of the portajohns, they were all full to the brim (some even filled past the brim, which I still fail to understand who does that).

Overall the rugby was great, the free beer afterwards was great, and winning that cup was awesome. Good luck to you guys in the playoffs against old gold.