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Viktor on His Journey to Becoming Strong



Hi my name is Viktor Joelsson I’m 21 years old. I compete in Powerlifting and Strongman. I have been traning for strength for 1,5 year. I compete in the 120+ class in the IPF.The program I am currentely using is conjugate varriant. training 5 days a week. 2 Maximum Effort 2 Dynaic Effort and one conditioning day. The rest of the program will unravel in the log

Current PB
Sqaut 210kg raw 210kg equipped
Bench 110kg’
Deadlift 220KG

Barbellpress 100KG
Logpress 105kg
Apollonpress 110KG
Circus Dumbell press50KG
Farmers 135KGx2x20m
Yoke 315Kgx20m

qaulifying eq Junior Nationals 2018
qaulifying for RAW Junior Nationals 2019
630kg total Raw at Regionals(the qaul total for raw j nats)


You’re already strong! And welcome man. Will be following your log.


ME Overhead Press(2018-01-16)
Note: had a really shit workout. Goal was to work up to 5x100KG on the log but failed. So dropped the weights down and focused on worked on technique. Wanted to hit 5x5x45KG on the Circus Dumbell but had to drop that to.

Logpress 2x2x100kg(wanted a singel set of 5)
Circus Dumbell 5x3x45kg
Strict Log 3x8x55kg
Behind the neck Jerk 3x3x80kg
Overhead Yoke 3x40mx65kg
Seated dumbell press 4x15x30kg
Lying overhead Triceps ext 3x5x40
Push down 3x12
Reverse flys 5x20x5kg


Finally a SHW.

Welcome to T Nation. Looking forward to your log.

I see you have a poverty bench too. I know that feel :frowning:


Shw? Yea my bench suck.


Supa Heavy Weight. It’s a running joke amongst some guys on here that people are on the #RoadToSHW when they eat too much or eat a lot of KFC like me or something like that.


thank you for the info. Need a introductionto all the t nation lingo


ME Deadlift/Events (2018-01-18)
Atlasstone 2x2x135KG tried 140KG(fail) 5x115KG
Snatchgrip Deadlift worked up via 5s from 120kg to 160kg(5x120,5x130,5x140,5x150,5x160)
Pause Deadlift 3x5x120kg(they suck)
FarmersWalk 20mx125kgx2 15mx130x2
Stiffleg Deadlift 3x6x100
CailerWoolam Rows 3x6x100
Fatgripz pulldowns 5x15x?
HammerCurlls 5x30(eacharm)x5kg
was so tired i didnt even load the dumbelhandels so just really focused on pump

Note: wanted to hit a tripel on 135kg stone didnt do that but hit some deesent ammount of reps. Was really happy with the farmers and the snatchgrip deadlift. Just moving some weight.


DE Bench(2018-01-19)
Benchpress 5x5x67,5kg(suposed to be 50%+acomodating but had to do this workout in my comercial gym so bumped it up to 60%. Moved well so are happy with that.)
Closegrip Bench 3x8x80kg
Shawpress(seated trapbar overhead press) 3x6x65kg
Incline dumbell press 4x12x20kg
Seated row 4x20x40kg
Dumbell skullcrusher 3x12x10kg
Dumbell fly 3x8x10kg
Facepull 3x20x?
Singel arm Pulldown 3x15x?

Note: felt really Fried after yesterday ME session. But everything Moved well so I’m going to take The positiv energy with me into sunda ME Lower session. I know-how that it isnt optimal having to Me sessions so close to eachother. But I have limiterad access to equipment and trainggroups so thaths why I set it up this way. Have a Great weekend Everyone.


Was busy with work so here comes the full week.

ME Sqaut 2018-01-21
Sqaut with wraps 3x3 180KG
Pin sqaut 3x5 100KG
Bench 4x4 100KG
Good Morning 4x5 80KG
Singel leg, leg press 5x12(each leg) 140KG
Walking Lunges 2x50 M
Rubish back raise 3x8 70KG
Leg ex 4x30x?
singel arm dumbel row 3x12(each hand) 26KG

Note: felt like shit. Was sopused to do heavy beltless yoke but didn’t have the power so skipped it. Turnd out to be a decent session anyway

Conditioning 2018-01-22
Rowing machine 5000M
Skipprope 3x150
Singel leg box jump 5(each leg) very low box
Box jump 3x10 semi high box

Note: this is my playing session

ME Bench 2018-01-23
Comp pasued bench worked up to a trippel on 110KG
Semi close grip Bench 3x10 80KG
Z press 3x5 50KG
Dumbell Press 5x15 ?KG
Dumbell Skullchrusher 4x10 ?KG
Pulldown 3x12 ?KG
Machine V Row 4x10 ?KG

DE Deadlift/Events 2018-01-25
Deadlift+Bands 5x5 122,5+40 bands
Fatgripz Framers 2x100M 45kg(each hand)
Paused RDl 3x10 80KG
Caller Wollam Row 3x5 120KG
Bent over Dumbell Row 3x10 2x25KG
Fatgripz V grip Pulldown 5x15 ?KG

Note:Everrything felt super heavy but moved well

Log 5x5 75KG
Strict Log 3x8 60KG
Sqaut Behind neck press 3x6 40KG
singel arm dumbell press 3x8(each hand) 20KG
Dumbell Skullcrusher 3x10 10KG
Side raises 3x12 10KG
Grenade Singel Arm machine Row(Just went untill my back and grip gave up)
Machine Fly 3x20 ?KG
Machine Reverse Fly 3x20 ?K

Note:Fellt like I was going to faint all trough the working sets but it all moved well