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Vikki's Rehab Adventure to a PL Total


I had been keeping my PL log on PW forum but decided for multiple reasons to move here. Some background:
48 year young female powerlifter
Lift raw and recently single ply
Married with a son, daughter, cat and dog
Recently returned to TN after a short tour in Montogomery AL courtsey of the Air Force

Friday I took a long deep nap and woke up with a new shoulder. Lifting and old tendons gave way so had some labrum cleanup and cut the remainder of my bicep tendon and attached to my humerus. Got lots of neat pictures of the procedure but then kinda got sick to my stomach after looking at them. :frowning:

Had a inter scalene nerve block so not too much pain afterwards except one very localized spot which morphine took care of. Now pain level is very bearable and itching under bandages has started.

Bandage redressing and 1st PT session tomorrow, haven't decided if I'm looking forward to it or not.

1st post op Dr Appt on Friday morning, but dr told hubby NO powerlifting for 3 months!


I bet you will both hate the PT and be glad of doing something at the same time.


Hi, Lil Power. Good luck with the shoulder.

And please don't feel obligated to post those pix.


Nice to have you here.

So talented you are.

And, as you know, I understand what you're going through.


Best of luck to you Power on your rehab..3 months shall fly by


My very best wishes for a speedy recovery. With your talent and drive, I'd put money on you coming back stronger than before the fix-up.

So, what's the three month comeback plan look like?


I found you!

I'm glad the surgery went well and I hope you have a speedy recovery.


I'm very glad you've decided to post over here. I'm happy to hear that the surgery went well.

We followed Ksnaps recovery journey and her (outward) patience. You've impressed me since you showed up. I don't doubt this will be any different.



glad to see more women here to teach us stuff


welcome to the ward Vicki!

(that's geriatric ward or prison take your choice)


x2 :slight_smile:


Wow what a wonderful warm welcome-just what I needed right now, thank you all!

Joe, you're right - kinda a love-hate thing
Cavalier, hi, I don't know, the pictures of the drill and the anchor are kinda cool :wink:
Snap, you know I may " lean" on you during this rehab stuff
Brute, you're the best!
Kimba, not completely sure, but I think cardio and weightloss may enter in
BG, thanks for looking for me :wink:
Ouroboro, thank you for the kind words, I do lurk in your log also
Kmc nyc-thanks, I love to share training techniques
Soldog, as long as not the psych ward
Upscale, thanks

Ok bandages removed, about 2" incision top of right shoulder and 2 small incision from the anthrocscopy.
Exercises weren't too bad, not painful but felt the stretching quite a bit.
Then I broke into a cold sweat, got really lightheaded- ended up on the floor with smelling salts!
They really needed some nose tork, that gentle waving of ammonia didn't do much for me, ha,ha

I was fine after about 5 minutes and told them I was glad I could liven up their day. I got up myself, made the next appts and walked out the door.

PT prescription is to do 10 reps of about 5 passive exercises twice a day.


That nose tork is lethal.

You're way ahead of me already recovery-wise. I wasn't allowed ANY movement (arm strapped to side) for a whole month. Can't wait to follow your return to power.


Way to impress right out of the blocks:) It's funny what our bodies do sometimes. I guess it had decided it'd had enough for the day.


Ugh I remeber being all strapped up with a busted collar bone.

sounds like your PT is at least prepared


I am an under 35 loud mouthed whipper snapper, but you knew that. I'm glad to hear the surgery went well, best of luck and I will be praying that your recovery is swift.


oh found you!
glad your keeping up with the log. and working out til you faint is pretty badass :wink:


Now thats putting forth the effort.


welcome, and good luck with the rehab.


Welcome lil power.

Looking forward to following when you get back stuck into it.

By the look of your avatar you look pretty hardcore to me.