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VikingsAD28's Training Log 2.0


A short background- I started lifting seriously for strength in November 2008 as a 17 year old, I am now 19 and have gained a decent amount of strength and size but I won't be totally satisfied until I have beaten every record everywhere (AKA I will never be strong enough).

As some of you may know, I previously had a log which can be found here-


I got bored with it and stopped posting in January, but I have still been training hard. I am starting a new log because my training has changed a lot, and I just bought a camera so I will be posting videos this time around.

Currently my best raw squat, bench, and deadlift are 405/300/410x2 (which will hopefully be changing tomorrow).

No training today, I just am excited about my new log and being able to post some videos to show that I am in fact a real person and so I can get some help with form.


Glad to see you starting your log back up. Good luck with training and what not.


March 24- Final day of Magnusson/Ortmayer Deadlift Program

4x4 340
1x2 380

1x2 420 10lbs PR

1x8 340

Dumbell Rows

I was having trouble getting my strap right, I ended up just doing the set and I felt no support from the straps at all, good thing I have a decent grip.

Decline Sit ups

Calf Raise Machine

Great day on deadlifts, so happy about getting it finally moving. On Saturday I will take it easy on squats and then next week I will test my max, I am really hoping I have over 450 in me.


nice pulling, strong beard!


Lol thanks, I am going for the "not shaving for a month and a half" look.


Good to have goals! For the record, my comment can be reversed also: strong pulling, nice beard.
All the best on that max-out next week!


Good luck with the new training..


Thanks guys! Its good to know I have my three original followers back.

I have been thinking about it and watching my speed on those deadlifts and I have decided I am going to extend the program another few weeks. So what that means is next week no deadlifts, 2 weeks from now repeat this last session, and the third week add 10 pounds to every set, if that week goes well add another 10 the next week, but we will see about that. I just have been seeing really good gains and I figure I should milk that for what its worth.


March 26th- RE Upper

Pretty boring stuff so no videos today, I didn't figure anyone wanted to watch me do tricep extensions :wink:.

Over the past few months I have allowed this repetition day get heavier and heavier so I decided its time to bring the weights down and the reps up pretty much across the board. This will hopefully help me be a bit fresher come ME bench.

Standing Press
2x8 115
1x7 115
Obviously this was supposed to be 3x8. I had been working up in 3x3's and I stalled at 160 and brought the weight back down and the reps up. I underestimated how much I suck at high reps, next week I will keep this weight.

Flat DB Bench
2x10 80's
1x9 80's
Same story as above, decided to bring the weight down and weights up, overestimated myself, next week will be better on both movements for sure.

Wide Grip Pullups
5x5 Bodyweight (258)

Floor Tricep Extensions (Paused)
1x10 100
2x9 100

DB Hammer Curls
3x10 50's

DB Lateral Raises
3x20 20's
These make my shoulders feel good.


March 27th- Squats

Even though I wasn't 100% at all from Wednesday I still felt like I had a good chance to hit a PR on back squat today, it didn't go so well.

Back Squat
Some 135
1x5 185
1x5 225
1x3 275 Add belt
1x1 315
1x1 365
2x0 415 This would have been a 10lbs PR, but it just wasn't quite there today.

Apologies for the shitty lighting.

Front Squat (Beltless)
1x8 135
1x8 205

2x5 205

Decline Situps
1x2 I did two and realized my abs are still sore as hell from doing these on Wednesday, so I stopped.

Seated Calf Raise
2x10 4 Plates
Drop Set
1x10 4 Plates
1x10 3 Plates
1x10 2 Plates
1x20 1 Plates


March 29th- ME Bench

Today went alright. I have been getting into the really bad habit of missing reps in training lately. The times I have felt the strongest is when I don't miss reps, it is just shitty for my confidence, so I am going to make an effort to stop doing it.

Bench Press
Some 45
Some 95
Some 135
1x5 155
1x5 185
1x3 205
1x3 225
1x3 245
1x2 275

1x1 290

Please excuse the man-gut.

Close Grip Rack Lockouts (Index finger on smooth, Pin 17)
1x10 135
1x5 185
1x5 225
1x5 245
1x4 265

Cable Rows (Individual Handles)
5x10 Stack

Barbell Curls
1x10 45
3x10 105 -If you can call reverse grip cleans curls.

EZ Bar PJR Pullovers
4x10 70 -Still getting the hang of these, like them so far.


March 31- Undeadlift day

As I mentioned before I have decided to attempt to extend the M/O Deadlift Program, so that means no deadlifts this week and then repeat last week next week. Today was still decent despite the fact I was kind of taking it easy. I was going to do decline sit ups but I forgot.

Front Squat
2x5 135
add belt
1x3 185
1x3 225
1x1 245
1x1 275
1x1 300 25 lbs PR -I thought I filmed this, but I am a lifter so I forgot to flip the video switch and instead I took a picture of the rack, so I decided to be a PR whore and go for 5 more pounds.

1x1 305 30 lbs PR

This PR was pretty cheap considering how little I do front squats, but what the hell why not.

DB Rows
1x10 60
1x10 80
1x10 95
1x10 140

Upright Rows
3x10 100

Calf Raise Machine
100 R/P reps Stack


April 2nd- RE Upper

Standing Press
3x8 115

DB Bench
3x10 80's

Semi Neutral Grip Pullups

Floor Tricep Extensions
1x7 110
2x6 110

DB Hammer Curls
3x10 50's

Lateral Raises
1x25 20's
1x20 20's
1x25 20's


I missed my squat day due to the fact I was out at my buddies dads house neckin out. Shooting guns, fishing, speaking with a redneck accent and swearing profusely, all that fun stuff. We ended up staying out there longer than I thought we would so I ended up missing, that won't happen again any time soon.


April 4th- ME Bench

Today went well, I am trying a different ME rotation, basically I will be doing 4 exercises and rotating them every week, increasing the weight each time I come back to the exercise, I stole this from Vincent Dizenzo. I started this last week with standard bench, this week was floor press, next week incline, then 2 board, repeat. I will try and run this cycle through 3-4 times.

I have decided to start incorporating more dips back into my program, as I feel it is an exercise that helps my bench.

Floor Press (3 count pause)
1x20 45
1x10 135
1x5 155
1x5 185
1x3 225
1x1 245
1x1 265
1x1 275 PR 40lbs Felt Strong

1x8 Bodyweight
1x3 45lbs Wanted to try out doing them weighted
2x8 BW
1x7 BW
1x6 BW

Chest Supported Row (Widest grip possible)
3x10 180

BB Shrugs (Strapless)
3x10 275

BB Curls
3x10 95


Oh shit, 305 FS..

Damn you.. also great job on the floor press PR man.. Keep it up


Thanks man, I feel like I am good for more on both lifts. How are your lifts coming along? I haven't seen any updates about you around here lately.


April 7- Deadlift

Today was... Alright. I was hoping the weights would feel a little easier, since I already did this workout, but it felt more difficult. I almost quit after 3 on the final set, because my stomach was full and I felt like I was about to puke on every rep.

I walked away from the bar, after about 5 or 10 seconds I realized I was being a pussy and went back and pulled 5 more, I think a lot of this lack of motivation was the fact I was being distracted by some bros across from me doing squats on a swiss ball.

I am still plan on adding 10 pounds to everything next week, it might kill me though, I am going to really kick ass and bring my A game.

4x4 340
1x2 380
1x2 420
1x8 340

DB Rows
1x10 60
1x10 80
1x20 100

Decline Situps
3x10 Bodyweight (God I hate these)

Calf Raise Machine


No better short-term motivator than anger. Next week get pissed and smoke those damn deadlifts!


Thanks bud, not completing the next workout isn't an option.