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Vikings Waive Randy Moss


I know he's a dip stick, but it seems premature to wave him without maybe disciplining him as a first resort. It seems like he just needs the right motivation.

Teams should make players check with them before they let them do an interview, especially the retarded players.


And why did this need it's own thread?

Coulda posted this in the NFL thread like all the other trade, signing and release news.


Serves his ass right. He's been in the league long enough to know how to act. They need to do the same with Favre.


I agree, Farve is just to beat up to be effective. Chilly just doesn't want to eat crow pie for going after him so agressively.


Childress sucks, I can't wait till he is fired.


Where are those that said Belicheck was dumb for getting rid of Moss? I remember there was a huge out cry.



Just in case they cant figure it out.


That team is a mess. They should cut Farve and start building for next year.


Boorish behavior also contributed to Mossâ?? demise

By Mike Silver



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