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Viking Press Setup


I didn’t realize you couldn’t upload videos on this forum or I would have had my friend just take a picture of the setup, which I should have done anyway. So on the fulcrum end I have two sets of two fives sandwiched on the safety bar and a chain holding them together (because they kept sliding apart). I have two 25s on the pressing end of the bar. I saw this setup on Kalle Beck’s channel. SO first question, what weight do I have? Is it (2)45 bars and (4)25 plates for a total of 190? Do the plates at the fulcrum count towards the weight (making it 210ish) or do they actually subtract from the weight since they are at the fulcrum? The contest I want to enter (first one) has a weight of 230. Trying to determine how close in weight this setup is to an actual viking press. Other question is whether the height of the bar is correct or is that a bit low?

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Can’t help you on the Viking Press, but you can upload the video on YouTube and put the link here.


Oh ok thanks. I’ll have to play around with that in the morning.



Well first, those two fives which are equal distance from the fulcrum (pin/roller support) will have no overall effect on the load that you are lifting as they provide countering moment forces on the bar (they would simply place more weight on the fulcrum).
Assuming the bar is an evenly distributed 45lbs (close enough, slightly different due to the sleeve weight) and it is a 7.2’ (86.4") bar, here is the approximate weight distribution if it was just the empty bar:

Then if you just add the weight that you add to the end of the bar, you will get close (this would be assuming the weight was directly over your hand).

The weight will change slightly depending on where you are in the arc as well, since the force vectors start changing due to gravity.

To summarize, and for simplicity, I would just take it as 20lbs + plate loading per hand and call 'er a day.

I hope I didn’t just confuse you more…


Thank you littlesleeper that is exactly the kind of sciencey answer I was looking for. I was hoping someone had a formula lol. It actually appears the PA Dutch Strong comp will be using the style of viking press where the fulcrum is on the floor, like a landmine press thingy. So I have decided the closest I could get to that is to stand on the outside of the hammer press machine, thankfully I am short enough to get away with this.