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Viking Press Questions


This Thread is just out of interest, I am not going to perform a viking press.

Is there a rule that states how low you have to go down with the handles before you are allowed to press up again? How does the viking press compare to, lets say a push press, weight wise?
It is often featured in big international competitions and I am just curious.


It all come down to how far away handle weight is , height of implements. Thank of hammer press at gym i can do 4 plates for ten fairy easy , cant push press 360 right now. They announce what the weight on actual handles is.


One other thing to keep in mind is that the jerk tends to be banned on the viking press, which means it’s more a brute strength pressing movement compared to most.


In most cases the implement has to come down to (or below) your chin, and people can generally viking press quite a bit more than they can push press since it is essentially a ‘machine’ movement. The weights can vary greatly since it all depends on how they are calibrating the ‘in-hand’ weight and how the weight is being loaded. In some cases there are also differences with the handle type/width.

I haven’t done one in a while but it is a fun event, it is also usually good for people with limited strongman experience or more ‘brute strength’ since it is easier to learn than say an Axle/Circus Dumbbell/Log.


I was wondering the same thing, a competition I’m looking into is using 230lbs (LW). I played with the setup Kalle Beck demonstratedhere: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yvoMngfLWmU I was trying to figure out how the weight is measured since it is a lever. For example, would two barbells with a 45 on the pressing side of each be 180? I used 4- 5’s on the lever end to pinch the safety bars, do those count for or against the weight in hand?