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Viking On ESPN2


Did anyone watch this? Viking obstacle course challenge, or something like that. Is it just me or does this shit look just short of impossible?


Haha, yeah I watched that a few days ago. I only saw Stage 1 and 2 of the aquatic phase or whatever they called it...

The first one didn't look very hard to me. The second phase, however, looked crazy. I forget everything they had to do, but I know that rope obstacle course, pulling the 70lb dummy up the pole and then climbing that "heavens climb" or whatever they called it...

Yeah, that was crazy lookin'.


I caught it last weekend (I think). It was pretty amazing. I think just one guy completed it.


I was just getting ready to post on this! That show was crazy! The Heart Breaker and the Peg Board look impossible and that guy completing both I think is one of the most amazing strength feats that I have seen. We had small peg boards in gym class and I could never get more then a few never mind all the way across that whole sign. I can?t believe the guy died on the ropes though. Rope climbing is waaaaay easier but I guess all the fatigue from the other events must have set in. Good stuff!


That's the episode I watched. I forgot the guy died on the ropes.


Yeah you're right. Catching a 20lb sack of sand thrown from 3 stories up while walking on a balance beam is pretty easy.

So is running across smooth spheres that can move in all three planes as well as rotate.

Seriously some of this stuff is so difficult it's make-believe. I like how on the last challenge "Final Viking" you had to balance a 12-foot metal pole on your palm while navigating through a dynamic metal maze and not touching the sides. WHAT!?


I don't know if your post was sarcastic or not, but it sure sounded like it, so here's my reply... If it wasn't, just ignore me. :wink:

The one I saw was a 15lb sack and it was from about 10' above their heads. The balance beam was about 8-10"s wide. Not that hard.

Have you ever actually tried something like that? I have, and as long as you're light on your feet and know how to step, they're not hard, either... Especially only 4 of them. I watched 2 hours of the show and saw 2 people fall from it. Granted, they didn't show everyone that did it, but they showed more people fail on that oscillating platform than on the balls.

I didn't see that event, must've been on a different stage, but that does sound ridiculous. I know there was some crazy lookin' stuff on the second stage, I can't imagine anything past that point.