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Viking Fire Festival


Shetland celebrates the Up Helly Aa Viking fire festival

Any of you guys there?


I won't be there, but I want to ^^


Edgy's gonna LOVE this thread.


I stole the pict and posted in G+ just for Edgy and linked this thread.


everybody wants to be a Viking.



Why sigh?

Hell, NOBODY wants to be a Dwarf!


but don't nobody want to participate in no Up Helly Aa fire festival


ID could change his name to Iron Mini-Viking


That sounds great. But in reality, if I were a mini-Viking, I'm sure all my peers would call me a dwarf anyway.


srsly - dwarves are bad-ass. they just are ham-strung by their incredibly small penises. probably why they're so grumpy~



shit gets hot up in that helly shit~


hey, Hey, HEY!!

I am NOT grumpy!


LMAO. It's like larping on speed.

Edit: I'd definitely go. Fire poi is a big thing around here- that's definitely taking it as far as you can go.






One more cause it's cool.


sure they do - raping, pillaging, plundering....drinking and eating with abandon...

everybody wants to be one.



Even this guy!


her too - think she works out?