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Vigilante on a Train


Seems to be quite the rage at the moment




Can someone post the link without the http so I can copy/paste? Can't watch linked vids at work now.




Haha that was awesome... and slightly excessive, so more awesome.


Thank god for the subtitles. Do they speak English in Scotland?

But yea, great video, fuck that kid.


:slight_smile: I miss ejecting people from places. My ejections were much more stylish though :slight_smile: LOL


mostly english but it gets mixed in with Scots an Doric ( yes those are actual languages)

think of it as being a bit like Engrish

guys a twat though dam right he should be booted off the train. apparently the bloke who did throw him off "the Big man" is being interviewed by police over it


Work, Home, maybe going to pick up kids. You just never know. Act a fool, hold up the working class your ass may get fucked up. Kid got off easy.


THIS is why bystanders refuse to get involved.

Well, THAT and fear of getting hurt.



Haha that was good thanks.


Hope he doesn't get in trouble over it. The guy deserved to be booted off the train.


It would be especially funny if the old ticket-taker looked at the stub on the ground and said, "Oh well, looks like he did have the edinburgh park to polmont ticket, after all!"


Like the applause at the end. I've seen some similar crap on NYC trains in the past. People just figure if they make enough of a stink that they can get away with this kinda crap. Kid got what he had coming IMO.




No matter how much scotch you've had, you have to pay for your fucking tickets.




If the kid were more respectful to the older guy and i were on the train, assuming its like our train tickets, id have just bought him one. Its happened to me before, I was kind and offered to repay the person, they said dont worry about it. Keep it classy and maybe someone will give ya a hand.


Exactly. No decent person wants to see someone kicked off a train/bus and stranded. I'd just give him the fucking money. Now move the train!


As The Big Man would say..."I'll stick ma boot so far up yer arse they'll think Doc Marten Started making hats!"

See how the Big Man in the clip said "Is there a problem here?" ..this is where it comes from, a Scottish comedy show called Chewin' the Fat:


I wouldn't mind paying the ticket for someome who really forgot to buy it, has no money, etc.
Like, a mistake, a genuine distraction. But this kid deserved to be thrown out.


I'm telling T Nation that someone has hacked TheBodyGuard's account.

The real TheBodyGuard would never say something as milquetoast as this, nice try... but adding the "fucking" in the second sentence almost made me fall for it...almost.