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Vigilante Fantasy


Whenever I read and/or hear news stories containing people who are wronged by others through acts of robbery, violence, or sexual assault, these stories stay in my head for a while.

I'll imagine myself in other people's shoes and ponder upon different perspectives. Were the crimes committed with a motive or were they entirely arbitrary? What drove the perpetrator to do such acts? What kind of life did they have to cause them to become the way that they are? What would I do if I was the victim of said crimes? What would I do if I was a bystander?

Ultimately, I'll work myself up into a stage of anger where I simply fantasize of being part of such scenarios, where I am able to somehow subdue the perpetrator(s) and give them what they deserve. Perhaps I may simply beat the crap out of them and throw them into a stinky garbage bin or throw them into the trunk of my car, drive them to a discreet location and surgically remove the tendons in their arms and legs.

Of course, in Canada and many other countries - being a vigilante doesn't quite work out so well, because being a vigilante is essentially acting out a crime upon a criminal and they usually end up in jail depending on how severe a crime is committed.

The purpose of this post is to see if anyone else thinks this way when reading news stories, other than simply frowning and shaking their head. Also, please share any relatable stories if you have any.


Yeah, I once wanted to be a vigilante, too...

...when I was 12.


I remember my first beer.


I like chicken.


sometimes... i watch hannah montana, but dont tell anyone. shhhhh....


Yeah sometimes I wish I could get all Dexter on those mofos. Mostly the ones that hurt children though. Fuck. That. Shit.




Sounds like you need to watch the Death Wish series with Charles Bronson.


I'm from Canada too..I know exactly what your saying, and feel the same way.
Literally a MINUTE away from where I live there is a library.

In this library a kid got molested by a grown ass man. Fuck I was so angry when I heard the news that day..I just fuckin wish so bad I was there when it happened in the library so I could tear his FACE OFF. For real I show no mercy towards that shit..no matter what the judge says the community will know I did right and that child will be saved.

Man..got my blood rumblin just thinkin bout it right now. That could be MY kid 5 years from now you know what I mean..gotta stay strong.


i am the same way. sometimes when i hear about some wrong doings i get very angry and want to go all Rorschach. although i get the idea that vigilantism is considered taboo by most and frowned upon by intelligent, educated people. thats why it only really exists in comics.


not really a fail....but a fitting picture.


vigilantism is quite a popular idea, even in its more simple forms. That's why Punisher is so successful alongside Spiderman and Wolverine in comic books, even though Wolverine is an ageless indestructible mutant canadian with claws in his arms, Spiderman is a news photographer who has spider powers and punisher is a demented ex-military guy with a lot of guns. second on watching death wish, except skip Death wish 5.



The justice system sucks, what's the heaviest sentence a guy can get for rape? Seriously? That stuff messes up chicks for a long time and some asshole gets out a in few years.

There are a lot of folks who need killin'.


i'm all for it. there are several people whom i would be strongly tempted to kill if i thought i could get away with it


No sir, Step Brothers