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Views On Being As Light As Possible

What are your all views on being as light as possible while allowing you to perform your best? I have heard/read this a lot among BJJ guys but, was wondering if it meant to be as lean as possible or to not even carry any “unnecessary” muscle/bulk. Perhaps a bit of both?


I’ve been told this as well. However, I am boxer and no kind of coach/expert so take whatever I say with a pinch of salt.

I think it’s a bit of both, you could be 225lbs at 5% body fat but still perform horribly because naturally (without specific hypertrophy training) you would sit at 175lbs so you’re body has to work overtime to deal with the extra weight, even if it is ‘good’ weight.

To be honest I don’t think it’s necessary to be the lightest you can possibly be, as you will likely end up draining yourself to make weight. I would just find a weight which you feel comfortable at and can maintain and are not out of your depth at if you are competing. i.e Boxers who move up from LHW to HW often cannot match the power and strength that a natural HW would possess.

Again though, I am a boxer not a BJJ guy and not a coach/expert.

Not an expert at all, but I’d say this depends a lot on a.) The assumption that you’re planning to compete in a weight class event. b.) Where you sit ‘naturally’ relative to those classes and how those weigh-ins work (i.e. day of vs. day before).

For instance, I am comfortable at about 225-230# (I’m 6’4"). BJJ weight classes here are over 200# in a gi with a same day weigh-in. In my mind (and my coach’s) it doesn’t make much sense for me to try to get sub 200# for a same day match even though I’d be a monster at that weight while I’m a smallish HW.

Conversely, MMA here has a 205# with no gi and a day before weigh-in. That’s much more feasible and probably what I’ll do if/when I go in for an MMA fight.

Lastly, I train mostly to come out on top in real world situations where there are no weight classes so while I don’t want to be weighed down, have no interest in doing much hard cutting. So I’d say it also depends on your focus.

I’m sure that’s clear as mud…

Fight at the weight you perform best at.