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Viewing Abdominals

At what bodyfat % do you guys generaly start to see your abs? Thanks-Watts-

My Tanita (it sucks) reads 15% and I have a solid 4-Pack. I figure if I can get it down to 12% I should be pleased and the 6-Pack shouldn’t be far behind.

I’m showing a bit at 12%.

I’ll see a “four-pack” at ~11%, a “six-pack” at ~9%, and I have a “ripped” appearance along my entire abdomen (including obliques) at ~7%.

I always heard that you lose the love handles around 10% and the abs start showing around 7%. These are generalities of course. On the other hand, not every can get their abs to show. I have a friend who competes and he can get huge striations on his quads and tricepts, freaky vacularity in his legs and chest, grate cheese on his serratus but his abs look like shit. Go figure.

I’m at 12% 210lbs and my upper 2 abdominals very noticible but that’s it. I usually don’t see everything tell around 7%

watts it really depends on what shape your abs are in. Have u done heavy resistant work on abs ? are they thick abs ? Like i know of people that are fairly big eg over 14 % body fat this is becasue they squat and deadlift so heavy that they have very thick abs. If u want to see your abs fast ditch the 100s of sit ups and grab 45lb plate and then do 10 to 15 set ups also try working abs on the pully machine. Also remeber to deit to get your weight down. Good luck

For all of you guys who see your abs at 7% what sort of abdominal work do you do?

I tried the high rep thing and it worked for a little bit, but not until I lost so much weight I was in danger of blowing away.

Also what’s the deal with those creams that get rid of bodyfat? I read in Muscle Media that one cream(I forget which) redeposits fat in the breast area.That is NOT what I want to happen!

For me (5’10", 195lbs.) I am @ about 10% and can see pretty much all of my abs. Defintely 4 of them and slightly the bottom two. A presonal trainer told me most people will start to see all there abs at or below 10%. But of course it all depends on your genetics too.

I’m at 9% right now and can see the upper four pretty well and the bottom two slightly. i’ve never not been able to see my abs at all, and even some fat dudes that i know can still make out the semblance of their abs when they flex. i think it’s kind of a bogus question. I look my best when i’m around 7% bf.

Phenom: For specific abdominal work, I generally just do low-rep, heavy-weight crunches on a swiss ball once a week.

I’m 5’10", currently about 209 and 10% bodyfat. I can currently see the outline of a 4-pack when I flex them (without flexing, of course, they’re not really visible). To have a really defined 6-pack, though, I need to get down to around 8%. Keep in mind, though, that no matter how lean you are (unless you’re at RIDICULOUSLY low BF levels), your abs won’t really be visible when completely relaxed - only when flexed (or at least partially flexed).

I have to disagree. I can see all six of my abs without flexing at 6ft 150. I alternate between doing 500 full-range legs-on-bed situps (5 sets of 100) and other days doing slow weighted crunches with the curl bar behind my neck. I also do weighted side bends with 50-70 pounds on my side. I believe most ab workouts suffice to have naturally defined abs, and that my routine isn’t necessarily the best, but it is pretty good considering the equipment constraints that I work under (I don’t have gym nearby). Remember, desire is the key to defined abs.

Like I said, unless your bodyfat is EXTREMELY low. At 6’ and 150 lbs, yours probably is. (I wish I could get mine that low).

I see mine if i get below about 9%. If you get you ab skinfold below 10mm and have decent ab muscle development they should be visible when flexed.

im 225 about 15% bodyfat and my abs are very defined… if i had 9% bodyfat id be amazing looking