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View of Australia

To all you Americans, I (as an Aussie) would like to know what you think of Australia as a country and of Aussies. I have a friend who’s cousin from Detroit is spending 3 months here at the moment and have many vivid discussions about cultural differences and I thought I’d ask you guys. Please also say where in America you are from.

As a side note I think America is a place that is at the top of my list to visit and would love to spend a year or two working there. From my discussions I’ve gathered everything (food, supps, gyms, cars) are soooo much cheaper for you than for us, but then again you’ve got that crappy health care system, and that massive tax you guys pay on your homes.

Saw this little joke on the internet (not really a joke but a language difference) an older lady (american) says to a little girl (aussie) “my fanny is sore from sitting in the stands rooting for our team all day” to an Aussie that means “My pussy is sore from sitting in the stands having sex for our team all day” was so funny thought I’d mention it :slight_smile:

Australian accents on chicks are hot. Plus, y’all have some funny animals living down there. Probably not the type of cultured response you were expecting, but fuck it.

Definitely one of the places I want to visit at some point in the near future.

You just made me think of this, I’d like to point this out about the stereotype most of you probably hold about Australia - our native animals like Kangaroos, wombats and koalas you’d probably never see in the wild unless you take a drive out into the country. I’ve only been to one town on the coast that had kangaroos everywhere, but in the metropolitan area you’ll never see any of those animals (except possums sometimes you get those). I live in the suburbs that are close to the outskirts and I still never really see any of the native wild life you would imagine to see everywhere. I’m from melbourne though, might be different in Adelaide or Queensland.

I hear mature content (specifically in videogames) is heavily policed in Australia.

Other than that I imagine Aussies are a lot like Americans in that they go to school, grow up and get a job, have a wife and kids, and try to provide for their family.

I’m curious about the really boring stuff. Like how your job market is, and whether your public transportation system is as broken as ours. Also, what are a couple popular brands of candy bars?

I’m in Pennsylvania, which is up in the Northeastern part of the country near New York.

As far as Australia is concerned, I’d love to visit and work there, just as a cultural experience.

I have always heard Aussies were a very smart bunch. Something about all the blood in your brains from being up-side down all day.

On a more serious noteâ?¦…

What do you drink down their? The Only Aussie drink I know is Fosters.

Nothing to Declare is good viewing.

I’ve always wanted to go to Australia, I’ve heard so many things about it. While I’m not from the States I kind of see Australia being somewhat similar to Canada. The people are said to be somewhat similar, we both came from the Commonwealth.

However, there are some things that Australia has that I wish we had. Number one, Holden. I want the Monaro and we don’t have that here (or the GTO for that matter) Secondly, I want the Vauxhall VXR8 Bathurst Edition because that is also awesome. Canada also lacks the weather that you have (here in Toronto at least), no ocean beaches, no surfing… None of that awesome stuff.

However, the animals here are much less deadly. We don’t exactly have the deadly spiders, scorpions and other evil little insects you guys have.

Mes sentiments aussi.

[quote]WormwoodTheory wrote:
Aussies are like Americans in that they drop out school, grow up and meep hopping from lowpaying job to lower paying job, have a string of failed marriages and look after kids that aren’t theirs while paying alimony and child support for those that are theirs, and failing to provide for themselves and their dependents turn to television appearances on Springer to make ends meet.

I think australia as a country is pretty cool, some of the geographical and language differences are really cool to me. I think aussies, at least the ones i have meet are really cool folks really laid back and fun to hang with. Of course i have always liked to take to people with accents, and the australian accent is really cool.

I am from montana, it is known as big sky country for it’s lack of metropolitan areas and it’s beautiful mountains and the outdoors in general. I live but a hop and skip away from glacier national park. But we do have your typical northern climate, cold and snowy/rainy for about 8-9 months of the year with 3-4 months of good summer weather.

I was seeing this girl from Oslo for a while who had spent 2 years in Australia working with camels. Camels! I had no fucking idea you had those down there. She told me that Australia is the only place in the world where there are still wild camels around. She also had spectacular tits. Damn now I made myself sad.

Australia has camels?!

I’m with wormwood, mass transport and candy bars are indicative of everything that’s good in a country. I’m from NYC and our subway system is incredible, but American candy bars are an atrocity.

I generally think of Aussie’s as tan and fit people. All that sun and competitive life guarding, I guess. Plus you have rugby, which is awesome, because a man with thick legs can do no wrong…wait, that might New Zealand. Sorry.

Two of the funniest/coolest/most laid back people I’ve ever met was a 23 year old Aussie couple. It helps that she was hot with huge tittehs.

I can’t wait to go. And Wormwood, from what I understand, it’s insanely hard to get a work permit in Australia if you’re a foreigner.

I don’t know if others think the same: I have a natural tendency to think of Australians as probably being the closest to us in the aspects of American culture that have been good; perhaps the final refuge of some degree of freedom if we lose it here (if you’d have any of us); but then on the other hand read disappointing things of too much government control, even worse than here.

But not as bad as most other places.

Americans in general who know about such things are tremendously impressed with the Australian Special Forces and are very thankful for what you have done.

Foster’s is horrible, but I understand Australians don’t drink it.

By the way, with regard to our health care system: People outside the US who have the need and the money for the best health care they can get come here, rather than go to Australia.

Care is prompt here.

In emergency situations care is given without even asking about ability to pay, and no one is put in prison or even gets liens put on their home or so forth (I think they should, if they consented to the care) if they don’t pay and even if they won’t agree to pay on a time plan.

I suppose it’s “crappy” from the perspective of people wanting to get more than they will pay for themselves, and instead want others to pay for it through their taxes. But that is a looter’s view of life.

I heard all the guys in Australia treat girls like absolute garbage.

Beer, no Australian drinks Fosters, the mosticonic ‘Austalian’ beer is called Victoria Bitter (VB), it is very different to any American Beer and some Marines I drank with referred to it by its other name, Vommit Bomb

Candy, Cadbury Dairy, milk chocolate is popular other then that it has many similar products to America

Public Transport sucks (at least in my state)

healthcare is not that different to the US, you get what you pay for

Rugby Union is an awesome game and New Zealand are nowhere near as good as Australia

All our supplaments are way less potent compared to the US, Biotest supps are kind of Hard to get (I have had 2 shippments stopped) HOT-ROX are illegal etc

But we are not so different you and I

also no dip allowed

I’ve heard great things about Australia from all my friends that have gone. That show The Chaser is hilarious btw. I’m from Colorado

Aussie rules football: Still don’t get it.
Koalas: I hear they’re ass holes.
Sydney: I’d love to visit but that is a long ass flight. I’d have to stop somewhere halfway.
Accents: Yours doesn’t annoy me like the thick English and Welsh ones.
Political ties: You guys are always willing to help and sacrifice when we go off to war, thanks.

I’m from Hartford, Connecticut. It’s between Boston and New York City.

Australians call American Cheese “tasty cheese”. Weirdos.

I’m from the same area as Biggie and Lou Ferrigno, btw.

American cheese is tasty

Aussie Rules Football is a bit hard to get used to, very fluid

I have an American friend who does not seem to understand is the appeal of cricket