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Vidi, Vici, Veni: T-Rransformation 2018



05-14-18 5am chest
Band Crossovers: 25, 25
Wide pushups: 25, 20

Chest dips: 10, 10, 10, 10
Db flies 15#: 12, 12, 12, 12
Incline DB Press: 45#: 12, ,12, 12, 12


05-14-18 9pm skwatz

Squat shoes are difficult still. Really difficult.


05-15-18 5am legs

Clean flooded basement. Dig out dehumidifier. Damn spring rain. Luckily the French drain installed 2017 has kept it dry thus far, which is way better than last year. Ate up training time.

Leg extension: 110#: 4x12 30 sec rest
Leg Curl: 65#: 4x12 30 sec rest
Calf raise: 4x25


I’m sure your NYC guest won’t mind.


Luckily it’s only the gym that gets water. The chataue de deplorable is bone dry haha.


Lmao! Put a sign in her room displaying the WiFi password: TrumpMAGA2017!


What’s funny is I actually don’t like Trump.

There’s definitely enough to scare her if she’s skittish though. I drive a red F150 I bought from a coal company for $1k with 240k miles. It has “friends of coal” on the front bumper.

Looks unassuming enough from the street. Hopefully she doesn’t get a silence of the lambs vibe.



Haha! My ‘friend’ has been on me about my 11’ F150 Ecoboost for awhile. This past weekend, I traded it in for a 00 F250 7.3. Haha, he was furious I didn’t get the small car he told me I needed.

As an aside, that’s a great hill for doing sled drags up.


There’s a giant hill behind the house as well off to the left. It’s about 40ft in elevation, when you stand on it you’re above the roof. That’s where all the water comes from.


05-18-18 makeup back/arms/shoulders
Got sick and missed two workouts. Hitting multiple muscles with not enough volume. Better than nothing.

Ez curl 50#: 4x12
Tri ext 50#: 4x12
Meadows Row 50#: 4x12
Front/side/rear shoulder shocker 10#: 4x12