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Vidi, Vici, Veni: T-Rransformation 2018



Happy Birthday man


I had to work a gun show today helping out an old friend. But the day got better. My family bought me kicks and spirits. This is on top of my Arnold trip in March for my bday from the wife.

I’m very blessed.


So, I tried to use my lifting shoes on squat day. It felt terrible. I thought I was going to fall forward the entire time, even with just the bar. I’m used to squatting in socks…

@botslayer I’m told the raised heel helps with keeping the torso more upright (less good morning) and helps you get lower. I can touch my hamstrings to my calves most days in bare feet, even with weight. Is it possible that maybe squatting with a raised heel is bad for me? Or is there some trick I don’t know. I had to “grab” the floor with my toes to keep from tipping over forward. At 315 my feet cramped from flexing to keep my from falling forward lol.

Also, my neighbor’s new Vulcan rack is pretty sweet. He wanted something not made in China, but not Rogue either.


Same boat…have squatted in socks and never had issues with depth for as long as I can remember at this point. What helped me was to really emphasize breaking at the hips and sitting back first and foremost. When my focus was there I am able to sit back into the heels much better, and once I started doing that I could feel the difference, stability wise, when comparing the shoes to squatting in socks. I also did a lot of my back down volume with the shoes and kept the heavy stuff to stocking feet for awhile when I first got them, to really try and get a feel for them.


Raised heel shoes are not for every leverage squatter or every lifter. Ben Pollack has a great video about lifting shoes and their benefit…


I am not a kineseologist but IM(bro)O if your back is also flat when hitting depth in flat shoes you should not use heels.

I use them for terrible ankle mobility and I do think that it is better to Squat flat soled if you can.

I think flat soled is a more natural, solid stance and that in itself will allow the body to be stronger in that position.

I also think it will keep the Posterior Chain more involved.