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Vidi, Vici, Veni. Carthago Delenda Est



Today I’ll be exercising patience. 7.5 hours to Greensboro to visit family. Then on Saturday morning 4 ish hours to the coast.

With a 4yo and a 2yo expecting the 7.5 hour trip to take 9 hours or so.


First real workout after motorcycle wreck 3 weeks ago. Did a hell of a number on my ribs. It only hurts a little when I breath, move, talk or do anything now.

Four rounds of:
Box squat: 200lbsx5
EZ Curl: 40lbsx12
Plank: 60 sec
Landmine press: 20lbsx12
Meadows landmine row 20lbsx12
Tricep ext pulley: 30#x12

As close to zero rest as possible. Took about 45ish minutes.


Shit glad you’re alright man


Four rounds of below with no rest:
Bench: 155x5 (ribs on fire, bracing super hard helped)
Plank: 60 sec
Split squat: x12/leg (balance, what’s that?)
BB row @The_Mighty_Stu style: 135x12

Getting some work in feels good. Mad about pressing movements sucking again. But healing will happen.

What’s everyone’s favourite high volume BB routine setup? I’ve been thinking about trying to get up to 45 sets/bodypart/week (3 workouts x 15 sets or 2 workouts x 20 sets) to see how I respond to volume. I’ve never tried high volume before apart from 10 weeks with GVT.


Lol :wink:



Yeah. Couldn’t feel my back till I tried them your way (underhand, pulling to navel with 45 degree bend).


Today went after my rib soreness and chest. I know cartilidge has next to zero blood flow, but maybe it’ll help? Tired of waiting to heal.

Wide grip pushup feet elevated: 4x12
Incline DB press with 40s: 4x12
Dips: (ouch!): negative only 4x12
Band flies 4x12
SS with band pullovers 4x12


Four rounds of circuit:
Good Mornings 95# 4x12
EZ curls 40# 4x12
BB Curl 135# 4x12
Landmine press 30# 4x12
Standing calf raises x many
Ab raises x ouch ribs are pissed
Seated calf raises x many


In my experience Bench I can only do 2x per week but everything else I can do 3x no problem. I also tend to conjugate more the higher frequency goes. But the main compound movements done light and pumpy until I need something easier. Kind of in motion deloads as it were.


Saturday 10-13-18
Wide pushups feet elevated: 4x12
BB bench with long pause: 135# 4x12
Dips: 4x5
DB incline bench 40’s 4x12
SS band flies with band pull aparts 3x12


Tuesday 10-16-18 5am
Woke up determined to workout but felt sick. Just BW squats and lunges. Wussed out.


Wednesday 10-17-18 4am
15 min bike warmup
Meadows rows 4x12, 25#-55# adding 10# each set
Stu rows 135# 4x12
Face pulls 4x12
EZ curls 50# 4x12


Been working out some and not logging. This week actually got 5 workouts in. First time in a while. Trying to wake up at 430am every morning and make it a habit.

Following the below order and get stronger in the 8-12 rep range.

Also trying to eat 200g protein and 2000 calories with cardio as often as possible. Here we go.


Had a job interview every day this week. Focusing on looking as pretty as I can and ironing my suit/shirts. Did full body this morning to get work in for the week and to get ready to go close on a VP.

Superset: Stu rows and incline DB press 5x10
Superset: band shoulder shockers 5x10
Superset: EZ Bar Curl and Tri ext 5x10

Hill sprints on a 19 degree morning. So pretty, saw a shooting star. Did as many as I can till my throat hurt from the cold, 6 I think.

Can confirm that I can even sweat on a 19 degree morning. Maybe if I can lose 50lbs I’ll have less insulation.


Kettlebells swings

Pullups and negative pullups after fatigue. Damn I’m fat.

leg lifts till fail
Situps till fail
Leg hold 3" off the floor till fail
Plank till fail
Repeated 3x