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Vidi, Vici, Veni. Carthago Delenda Est

High all. Goals are sub 200lbs by end of June. Fix triglycerides and get stronger.

History: wrestled in HS. Messed around with weights on and off since then. Never dialed in diet for more than 3 months at a time. I tend to let it fall to the wayside when work and obligations get stressful. Wrist and shoulder injuries sidelined upper body for roughly 6 months. Still slowly working back up. Have also torn rib cartilidge in my chest and back at one point or another. These are all BS excuses for why I look chubby and DYEL. This will get better, it needs to or I’ll die earlier than necessary.

Currently: 233 lbs 5’10" 28YO
Neck: 16.5
R forearm: 13
L forearm: 12.75
R upper arm: 14.25
L upper arm: 14
Chest: 44.5
Shoulders: 55.5
Waist @ ribs: 40.25
Waist @ navel: 40.5
Waist @ belt: 41
R thigh: 28
L thigh: 28
R calf: 17
L calf: 17.5

Had a stomach flu bad this week. Didn’t eat any food for the past 2 days. Couldn’t eat this morning. Today turned out to be:

Calories: 766, p-f-c: 77-34-38 (only ate dinner and a snack)

Activity: hauling firewood and chasing the wife after I felt better. Will try and hit some conditioning tomorrow if I’m human again.


I will support your T-ransformation with GIFs


Morning weight: 232.6
Calories: 1,906.
P-f-c: 163-72-174

Thought I was done with the flu. Started eating again. Flu had other ideas by nite time. Scale is going down anyway.

Morning weight: 230.2
Calories: 2,359
P-f-c: 160-131-135
Strict OHP
205x1 PR
145x5 strip set
95x10 strip set
45x20 strip set

Doing some TM testing this week to start 5/3/1 for the barbell lifts next week. Assistance work will be in the mornings because time and I can’t lift heavy in the mornings. Flu still sucks. But it didn’t affect me too bad on OHP.


Strong overhead pressing :muscle:

You look so different than how I envisioned you.

What did you envision tho?

I thought Mr.Velvet looked like basement gains, and basement gains looked like Mr.Velvet.

I’m in…but what the actual shit, dude! haha literally just hit this PR myself as a fully healthy individual. In all seriousness, nice PR!



TMI fair warning: day 5 without a solid BM
2 year old was vomiting all night. Roughly 3.5 hours broken sleep.

Morning weight: 231
Calories: 1,752
P-f-c: 154-63-144

Training: Ran some sprints in the warehouse I’m liquidating at lunch. Missed accessory work this morning. Squats at 9pm, just testing not training.

385x1 PR

Done. Exhausted for the day.


Excellent effort on the new OHP PB!

PR’s every workout?

Nice PRing though


I wanted 405 real bad. Might have had it too. But just Leary of being greedy.

Just checked your log. You’re 30lbs lighter than me. I would hope that at least 1 of those pounds I have on you is lean body tissue. It went up real smooth in you video, good work.

Appreciate it! I don’t subscribe to the bigger or smaller thing too much, I just look at the numbers, and I like your numbers, ha! We’re pretty close in OHP and Squat, it’ll be nice to have another guy around my strength numbers!

Lol Between you @Despade and a couple of others I feel like there’s been a surge in PR hitting recently.

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6.5 hours sleep
Calories: 1,853
P-f-c: 110-82-170

4 year old got the flue tonight. Now that we’ve all had It, it should be over soon.

Morning weight: 228.8#
Morning temp: 97.7F
Calories: 1,874
P-f-c: 99-116-116

I only threw up once today. This damn thing might finally be over. Either that or I’m patient zero for the walking dead. I expect most of the lost weight to come back as water when I’m healthy.

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Same dude. I probably could’ve hit 405 like last year, but but I too always restrain myself for whatever reason.