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Just watched Pumping Iron. Downloaded it from Kazaa. pretty freakin motivating even if it is from 1975. Then I watched Ronnie Coleman the Unbelievable also from Kazaa. Holy crap that dude is freakin massive. Now I am motivated to throw around massive weights.

Han Solo,

You just made my freakin’ day, yo’! Pumping Iron on Kazaa? I rarely would dream such sweet dreams! Time to crank up the connection. Thanks, brutha!

Pumping Iron did it for me a long time ago. Glad you enjoyed it Solojobber… You have to like Arnold’s look…and his arms then still match up well against todays guys…and his chest…man he had a chest…
Of course…we all know Arnold is full of shit because he believes he was actually competing in a SPORT!..not the beauty contest it REALLY was…