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Videos of Lifts


Hi all, dont know if you guys remember a post I made a couple months ago about doing reps from the pins. Basically for bench for example the safety bars are set just above your chest and thats the starting position. You pick a weight you can get 3-5 reps at.

Well my new personal bests are 365 bench. 375 squat. 225 military press. and 425 deadlift. I probably should have did lifts prior to gauge my progress. But I know my bench was about 315, squat about 285, deadlift about 350 and military about 175.

I have gotten stronger no doubt but not much size, maybe a little thicker. I can now see for size I would have to do alot of volume work. 4x10 at least with at least 2 exercises per body part? I work each body part once a week, not sure if that isnt enough. I think my dieting is doing ok. I eat 6-8 times a day between food and shakes. Getting about 250 grams a protein and about the same in carbs. 300 on a good day sometimes.

I was going make a video of me doing the lifts and was hoping to see others add to my post with there lifts. I get alot of advice here and do alot of reading. But there doesnt seem to be too many people (including myself) that have a pic or video of themselves, I though it might be nice and people might appreciate it. I know I would.

Well it was just an idea, let me know what you guys think. By the way, just so people get an idea about the size I have currently. Im 6' and about 225lbs. Not ripped by any means. Im about to start that phase now. So im expecting my personal bests to strat to drop since Ill be dieting and probably gonna feel a little weaker, maybe Im wrong.


If you go in the powerlifting forum there is a thread called training personal records where you can see videos of the lifts of posters. There is also The Brotherhood of Iron where many posters post what they're doing on a regular basis often with videos.

Also with those lifts you are not a beginner.


...And there is the problem. I not really interested in being a powerlifter. I want to look like a body builder and have a physique like that. Nothing crazy, but I would like abs and definition. Thanks though, Ill check out those forums anyway.


if you're looking for videos of lifts your best bet it to check out MarauderMeats thread in the BB forum (he has a shit load of videos) or go into the Training Logs section and check out some logs. There are a quite a few guys in there who have logs that update with videos regularly.

you said you've gotten a lot stronger but havent seen much size increase? What does your actual diet look like? I know you said you aim for 250 g of pro but thats probably not enough. you're weighing in at 225 so you're barely over 1g per pound of body weight and you're not putting on size (I.E. gaining weight) which tells me your body needs more food.

I know when I stopped mainly focusing on how much weight weight I was putting up and really honed in on feeling the targeted muscles working through each exercise I noticed size gains pretty rapidly. (I know it sounds dumb but just getting the weight up isnt enough.)

Those are my suggestions man. You're a pretty strong guy (especially if your maxes you listed were for 3-5 reps)


Thanks for the tips. Those lifts are for 1 rep. I wish it was 3-5 haha. I wouldnt mind looking like Thibs, Im sure Il get alot of grief over that one haha. If I could walk around daily looking like that Id be happy, but who wouldnt. I think being lean makes you look bigger than you really are. Im 225 and 6' tall. I have kinda a gut on me but its not bad. I think if I leaned out and got some abs Id look alot bigger, or at least Id look like I lift weights :slightly_smiling:

When this all started my goal was to lift 405 in deadlift,squat,and bench. Deads and squat moved pretty quickly but my bench is crawling along. It will move even slower now since I feel like I screwed something up in my pec muscle close to where my shoulder is. I was going for a 4th rep at 315,struggling with it and fighting to get it up, I kept go form and stayed flat on the bench, I see some guys lifting there ass way up off the bench trying to get that rep, but anyways I felt a pain in my pec close to the shoulder and a warm feeling from front to back. That was in the middle of December and it still bothers me,painfull really, but I cant stop lifting,haha,I hate not lifting.

But anyway, Id like to keep some strength and look like I lift,maybe like a guy on Mens health cover. I think Im gonna lower the weights, do at least 4-5 sets of 10 with 2 exercises per body part, working each body part once a week and decrease carbs and increase protein and maybe pick up the fats a little more.I know what your talking about with feeling the rep and muscle work. I do have control of the weight and not sloppy with it and drop it down and try and have momentum move it.

Thanks for the advice