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Videos/Help on Certain Exercises?

Ive searched and searched, but i want to make sure im doing certain exercises right and not youtubing because T-Nation > youtube in everything muscular or w.e i guess.


There is some decent stuff of youtube, you just gotta sort through the crap.

What exercises in particular are you wanting help with?

Lol you should have listed the exercises…


I had to find this website again, but I remember using this as a resource for quite a few years.

Well im doing the ovt program by CT and in it are alot of different exercises. especially those that alot of people argue about on form like benchpress, incline bench press, etc

Scroll about halfway down the page…


Videos from Instructional Fitness

Heres a site with simple .gif videos

Can’t you ask a trainer in your gym? It’s one thing to watch a video and another to have someone stood next to you telling you how to do the exercises.