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295 Concentric GM:


I managed 305 as well, and I thought I had it on camera, but my memory card said it was full. sigh

This was my 9th set as well, so kinda gased, but I’m playing some heavy shit and got my riled up.

One of my best workouts today. Felt really good in the gym.

That kicked ass dude

what the resident strongman said.

You’re a friggin’ animal Goldberg!!!


Nice Job Landon !

Found out last night how pathetic my squat is, I have allot of work to do this winter.


Colin, your numbers don’t seem that bad. How low of a box squat did you do the other day? I’ve only been able to push 415 on a 13" box. I suck at them.

Keep after it.

Thanks Landon, I didn’t want to hijack your good work thread with my sucky squat numbers LOL.

I was maxing out last night with my son because I’m going to miss so workouts next week. I got pinned to the power rack at 465, best I was able to muster was 405. (not a good effort at all)

I was very proud of my Boy, he nailed 510 and he doesn’t train with much regularity at all.