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Video - What Elite Athletes Eat


This video was taken at the 2009 Crossfit Games, asking athletes what they eat. It's worth checking out if you have diet questions.


Can it be summarised as 3oz chicken breast, half an apple and 3 fish oil caps x how many "zone blocks" they need?


That's how REAL elite athletes eat.


That's how REAL elite athletes eat.

they basically had lean meats (turkey bacon, venison!?!), veggies and fruits :wink: and "sugar free syrop", even decaf :stuck_out_tongue:


Crosstards do not = elite athletes.



wow, I just watched that video...the word "cultish" would be an understatement, these people are fuckin NUTS!


crossfit are not elite athletes, they're lost people


Usain Bolt had chicken mac-nuggets from the golden arches before the 100m final


markus ruhl has 20-30g of creatine 4ish times a day if I'm not mistaken


The cure for skinny:



Why does it say that gluten should be avoided? lol


A lot more people are allergic to it than you would think.


First, I do understand that T-Nation is a bodybuilding forum. I can understand why some of you hate on CrossFit, BUT, not one person in that video was fat.

America is a bunch of fat pieces of shit. If this is what it takes to create a large movement of healthy people, who cares?


at least one dude mentioned white cheese. cheese rocks.


Fit4YouNutrition.com edited out anything but a Paleo diet...there's definitely an agenda here. The only bodybuilder physique was the little Asian woman.


well said sir.

a paleo/zone/whatever the fuck you want to call them approach, is 100 times better then what the average inactive person eats, and would dramatically improve their well-being.

oh wait no crossfit is a cult i forgot fuck them.


i thought it was pretty acurate, lean meats, complex carbs and healthy fats. sounds right to me


There was a big looking guy that walked past @ 3:58 in the red t-shirt........

I wander why they didn't interview him?!



except you forget the fact that virtually ANYTHING is better than the Standard American Diet (SAD), even diets that contain gasp grains and dairy!!

when your standard diet contains virtually zero fruits or veggies, and is high in sat. fat, trans fat, sugar and nutrient deficient packaged foods, it's hard NOT to make a change for the better.

oh wait, I forgot, Paleo+Zone is the second coming of Christ. silly me.


There, however, is a giant leap from not fat to elite athlete.