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Video: We're Doing Elections Wrong - Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj

Thoughts? Don’t know if AOC was the person for the video. Think we would have a better chance flinging shit at a wall for decisions.

I didn’t laugh once.

He needs to have actual historians do his research. Adams and Hamilton were not slave owners.

I like how AOC just had to add neo-nazis in with Republicans.

This was clearly biased although he tried to give the impression of impartiality. Why didn’t he try and get a Republican to interview?

As far as having more than two parties, if we had three or even four parties we would simply end up having to choose between four clowns instead of two. I actually like the idea of candidates needing to appeal to a wider group of voters because it can keep some extreme idiot like an AOC from becoming president one day.

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I think it would be more interesting if they banned parties altogether. Make everyone an independent. That could be very entertaining.

I think ranked choice voting would probably help people feel better represented, which would be beneficial

It would probably improve political dialogue all around as well, like he said

ranked choice voting might be an easier (to implement) and more effective solution for those who see a current problem with the electoral college, campaign finance, and gerrymandering

I think the rest was a combination of entertainment and persuasion for a specific target audience

I think a lot of 3rd party people do this. I’m not sure if they are just smart and pick certain things to stand behind that each side can rally behind at the same time the other party doesn’t dislike those things bad enough to cause issues… if that makes sense. It’s like some of them know juuuust the right thing to say to make both parties say “I could get behind that”.

Regardless, how things are now there’s zero chance for a independent getting in, which is sad. I googled why 3rd party candidates aren’t allowed at the debates and it was quite interesting. Seems they knew it would hurt there chances and it would no longer be a 50/50 shot. I think that’s the first step (allowing them in major televised debates) in getting one to be a serious contender. Maybe in my lifetime I’ll get to see it, Lord knows the world is changing!

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